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  1. Stephen0002002

    Woodcock St Baths.

    Went to Life Saving practice on Thursdays at Woodcock St around late 1960's I think. RNLI.
  2. Stephen0002002

    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    Love this thread ty. I watched "The Running Man" on talking pictures the other day. Never knew it was a 60's film.
  3. Stephen0002002

    Soho Road Handsworth

    Smashing pictures of Woolies earlier. I also remember the Wilkinsons store a bit further up which must also have been a fairly early one.
  4. Stephen0002002

    W T Avery scales

    Apparently the museum was open at Soho up until a few years ago and it was then sold off to Birmingham museum. So the artefacts should all still be somewhere at Birmingham museum.
  5. Stephen0002002

    Lucas York Road Engine Electronics Hall Green

    Yes, Peter Holland, Sarah and Mark. Good days those. I worked under Bob Kelly. We still used to have the tea lady for cakes and tea at about 10 and 3 in those days, I think.
  6. Stephen0002002

    Lucas York Road Engine Electronics Hall Green

    Yes all those names remembered. Simon Cardall went on to become a manager in Supply chain later on.
  7. Stephen0002002

    Lucas York Road Engine Electronics Hall Green

    Remember it well 1990 - 2017 worked in Engineering.
  8. Stephen0002002


    I remember Pendry's well and Mr Pendry and the fish mongers next door :)
  9. Stephen0002002

    W T Avery scales

    Thx Viv sorry to hear that. Yes, as you say, and Averys was especially a very family oriented business in those days. ( Also my previous post should have been directed to Astoness, sorry ).
  10. Stephen0002002

    W T Avery scales

    Started at Averys 1975 (apprenticeship) worked there until 1985. Great apprenticeship may be you were in the plating shop then Astonian ? we did a week in there. I always remember the bloke in there working really hard. My grandad, dad, mum and brother worked there too. Great days :)
  11. Stephen0002002

    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    Sorry I've been away but it is great to see our infamous running man still running and causing questions. Great to hear all your comments and thanks OldMo for this legendary thread always hits the chuckle muscle.
  12. Stephen0002002

    Soho Road Handsworth

    Foster Brothers, next to Handsworth market. Got my school blazer from there c1966. Always was too big for me, mum said I'd grow into it. Fosters had those vacume dispensers for the change that was sucked over to a cashier somewhere else in store.
  13. Stephen0002002

    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    TY. #1984 could it be a vegetable crop ? organic, carrots ?
  14. Stephen0002002

    Avery Retired Employees Association

    Gr8 memories of good old Averys. Apprentice there in 74. Worked there until 1986. Worked in Tech/TMD. A great place to work. Still have my wellies from the stores dept.
  15. Stephen0002002

    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    Hello gr8 to be back and our running man is still a mystery I see. May I ask what Knickebein was ?
  16. Stephen0002002

    I Wonder What She's Thinking?

    Thanks Eric, we've got the message matey and taking the necessary precautions. But understand your point thanks.
  17. Stephen0002002

    Brummie sayings & language

    Livery Street. A great phrase used by my mum too and I remember it well. Livery Street = was much longer before the Queensway was built across it. I'm sure we must have had these before ... but here goes ... Up the Apples and Pairs. Put wood int ole.
  18. Stephen0002002

    Peaky Blinders - A world away from Downton!

    Its a very interesting ramble Maria. There is a good you-tube video about Carl Chinn and the peaky's, well worth watching. Was it me or was this second series a bit more aggressive ? Good question .. probably not the sort of family to get associated with I guess.
  19. Stephen0002002

    The garrison pub

    Is there any connection to Peaky Blinders or is the TV series just a fictional link to the Garrison ?
  20. Stephen0002002

    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    Memories - I heard somewhere that we remember everything its just remembering how to retrieve it. :) Sometimes it only takes a picture to trigger things off. #1381 Erdington pic Phil - I wonder if the girl in the foreground was looking at the photographer and thinking ... ... if he don't move...