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    Aston Commercial School Holte Grammar

    Ecky, I hope you don't mind, but I've taken a copy of this photograph and posted it on the Facebook Group page that I've created for the old school. https://www.facebook.com/groups/8519208996
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    Frighted Horse Pub - Soho Road Handsworth

    Charleen. I didn't want to say in my earlier post in case I scared you, but yes the landing was exactly where these figures were seen. Often there was a strange decaying odour from beneath the bathroom floor. We were told that a landlord in the 1800's had gone mad, killed his alsatian dog and...
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    Frighted Horse Pub - Soho Road Handsworth

    My parents kept this pub from 1952 to 1956. An M&B house. At the rear was a brick built bottle store and access to the cellar via a heavy double doored steel hatch in the ground. The M&B drays used to backup to the hatch through large double gates and drop the hogs heads on thick rope to the...
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    Aston Commercial School Holte Grammar

    Hi, yes quite correct. Lynn Foo was in the same year as me. I remember her shop up Lozells
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    Aston Commercial School Holte Grammar

    Please join my FaceBook group for our old school and post your photos there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/8519208996/
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    Aston Commercial School Holte Grammar

    I would really like to Download these 2 photos and include them on the Holte/ACS website that I created. Although I doubt there's anybody around now who can identify the people in the photographs. https://holtegrammarcommercialschool.000webhostapp.com/Holtndx.html
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    School badges

    That looks like the one on my Website at.......https://holtegrammarcommercialschool.000webhostapp.com/Holtndx.html
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    Aston Commercial School Holte Grammar

    ACS and Holte former pupils may well be interested in my Website. Take a look and immerse yourselves in nostalgia. https://holtegrammarcommercialschool.000webhostapp.com/Holtndx.html
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    Cock Inn - Bartley Green

    My Great Grandfather, William Moses Moody kept The Cock In in the 1930's and early 40's.
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    Fanny's (fanny By Gaslight) Snow Hill

    Many thanks. At least some of you can remember it; I thought I was cracking up! Or is it just a Senior Symptom?
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    Fanny's (fanny By Gaslight) Snow Hill

    This weekend just gone, at a school reunion in Brum, I was given a photo of me, taken circa 1968/69 at a restaurant in the city centre, near Snow Hill station, called 'Fanny By Gaslight'. The restaurant was know affectionately as Fanny's. But I can't for the life of me remember it! I can't find...
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    Mitchell's & Butler's Ltd.

    I have just come across this Thread and it seems to be the only link on the WWW that refers to The Beehive M&B house on Cape Hill Smethwick. I've searched for years for a hit ! Why ? Because I was born in the Beehive in September 1949. My parents Dennis and Kathlyn MOODY ran the pub and used to...
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    Bromford Bridge

    My parents kept the Bromford Inn and always did very well on race days from car parking on the pub's grounds together with the extra trade from beer and bar snacks. - happy days
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    Family SILVESTER - Aston

    Sorry I have no more info other than what is posted on my website by the current owner of the material.
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    Family SILVESTER - Aston

    Through my Website for Aston Commercial School/Holte Grammar School, I have been contacted by an individual to say that he has in his possession a book entitled "Hood's Poetical Works" published in 1895 and awarded in 1901 as a Prize for Mathematics to a Ms. SILVESTER at Aston Manor Technical...
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    Aston Commercial School Holte Grammar

    One of the founder members of the group Terry "Geyser" Butler went to the same school as myself and was in the next year up. The school was Holte Grammar Commercial School in Whitehead Road Aston. I have a website for it at https://members.lycos.co.uk/holte61 good luck with the research, I am...
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    Working Mens Clubs

    Frantic, by mentioning The Barn in Witton you have unlocked and released memories I'd long forgotten. When I attained drinking age, ( 15 !), we used to go "down The Barn" quite often to some of their Saturday night "do's". It was on one such occasion, when they had a live band on, that I'd...
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    General Tips

    It's winter again and the rats are coming in off the fields into the barns after my chicken feed. Last year I bought traps and a shotgun but without much success. Blew a Rhode Island Red's head off by mistake - tasted good though ! This year have blocked the holes in the barn with the excavated...
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    House that Jack Built

    O Linoleum ! (and that's not me showing off with my Latin !) The House that Jack Built was where dad would, every now and again, visit to buy a new sheet of linoleum for the kitchen or even the living room. Euipped with a Stanley knife he would fit the lino, trying hard not to dog-ear the...
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    Grey Peas and Bacon

    Curried rat probably tastes like chicken when it's got extra Garam Masala in it Pomog ? :twisted: