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  1. J

    Atkinson Ale

    Hi Does anyone know whereabout in Aston Atkinson's Brewery was located? Cheers James
  2. J

    Salford House A.K.A. Hillside House

    Hi Does anyone have any memories with regards to such a building? It was situated just past the railway bridge on the Slade Road, on what now is Hillside/Chartley and Kegworth Road. Regards James
  3. J

    Francis Ellen Family tree research- Im stuck :(

    Hi all I apologise profusely if I have posted this in the wrong section of the forum, but i have a query. I have been searching records through Ancestory.com. and I have found a birth record of someone called Ellen Francis born 1901 in Bromyard. I can't however find any record of any such...
  4. J

    Bown Raymond Joseph

    Does anyone have any memories of the Bown family, lived in Monica rd in small heath in the 40's 50's? Cheers James
  5. J


    Could someone help me find any information about a Janet Blackmore who would have lived in Butlin St Nechells during the 1950's Many Thanks James
  6. J

    Mount Street Nechells

    Hi Does anyone have any pictures of Mount St Nechells between the years 1949 and 1962? Cheers James
  7. J

    Salford House Erdington Birmingham

    On the site of what is now Kegworth Rd Erdington there was a house called Salford House would anyone information on this or any of the owners/occupations, would really be interested to know when it was constructed/demolished? Thanks James Gibson