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    Robinson A

    I am placing these documents on here hoping someone reconice them It would be nice to reunite them with the family. Someone placed them on Facebook. As you see they are of St. George's church which hold special memories for me and Others. So let's hope the family reconise them
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    Key hill

    Hi Brian I went to Key Hill cemetery this morning, but the entrance gate was locked, only the little gate was open. With no where to park I was unable to tend to my gt grandparent grave. I wonder if you know why it was locked and also is there any truth in a rumour going around that they want...
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    Hi Mike Would you happen to have a map for Bath Row showing where number 40 is in the 40s or 50s many thanks Stars
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    Birmingham air raids

    Hi I thought this map of where the bombs fell on Birmingham might be of interest. Birmingham's 50th air raid was one of the heaviest so far came on 19th November 1940. The map shows the vast area of devastation. The black spots show where the german bombs fell. The unexploded or delayed are...
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    Ryland Street

    Here are some lost photos of Ryland Street i am Re-posting. These are two photo's of Joes Cafe in Ryland St. The colour one was taken in 1961. Notice it looks like the same car on the right, but facing the other way. Also the big advert over the door is different. So...
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    Stechford Area

    There was not a thread for the stechford area, only a road so i started this thread. A few photos of Flaxley rd and Station rd. Regards Stars
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    Hay mills area

    Hi Here are a few to look at Regards Stars
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    Ladywood Area

    Hi All Here are a few photos from the Ladywood Area this shop is 356 Monument Rd Ryland St 1961 Stour Street Ladywood Regards Stars
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    Saltley / Duddeston & Nechells Area

    Here are a few photos of Saltley/Duddeston & Nechells area. I hope you enjoy Regards Stars Lawford St 1907 Dartmouth St 1905 Bullock St 1905 Crawford St Glover St 1904 Crawford St 1905 Bloomsbury St 1953
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    Reported died in action, only to be told years later that he is alive

    I would like to share this story with you. While doing some research on my family tree i traced my wifes gt gt grandfather Michael O'Donnell. I noted from a army record that he was reported as died in service on the 27th August 1914. This was canceld when he was found in a prison of war camp in...
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    The Story of Lottie And Stanley (Miniture Dachshuns)

    The Story of Lottie And Stanley (Miniture Dachshunds) Hi after loosing the photo's off the Forum, i thought i would start it off. I thought i would share a story with you. It is a story of miniture dachshunds lottie & Stanley proud parents who had 9 pups. Lottie the bitch was very poorley and...
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    Hit a brick wall

    Hi I am trying to find out where a relative of mine is buried. His name is Bert R Greatrex born July/aug/Sept 1918 and died Mar 1924 age 5 or 6. Wendy checked Key Hill and warstone lane but no good, i have checked all the Cemetery's. I have been to the library but deaths for what i wanted...
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    Gaffney search hi i am also trying to do my wifes tree and i am looking for a marrage between Thomas Gaffney and wife Kathleen married in ireland, they had children, i know one was Vincent born about 1912 and a daughter Maisie, there were other children but i am not sure of the names. I once...
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    stevens Alfred william

    Hi i wonder if anyone can help. I am trying to find any info on Alfred William Stevens 1819 - 1892 i believe he was on the isle of wight, and i think he was a policeman. He was married to Julia stevens. I can trace her further back but not him. He is my GG grandad, and i would love to trace his...