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    Fanny's (fanny By Gaslight) Snow Hill

    This weekend just gone, at a school reunion in Brum, I was given a photo of me, taken circa 1968/69 at a restaurant in the city centre, near Snow Hill station, called 'Fanny By Gaslight'. The restaurant was know affectionately as Fanny's. But I can't for the life of me remember it! I can't find...
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    Family SILVESTER - Aston

    Through my Website for Aston Commercial School/Holte Grammar School, I have been contacted by an individual to say that he has in his possession a book entitled "Hood's Poetical Works" published in 1895 and awarded in 1901 as a Prize for Mathematics to a Ms. SILVESTER at Aston Manor Technical...
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    Aston Commercial School Holte Grammar

    One of the founder members of the group Terry "Geyser" Butler went to the same school as myself and was in the next year up. The school was Holte Grammar Commercial School in Whitehead Road Aston. I have a website for it at https://members.lycos.co.uk/holte61 good luck with the research, I am...
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    Grey Peas and Bacon

    I bet not many of yer remember this dish eh ? I think we always had it on Ash Wednesday. My mom's from the Black Country so it may have been a local tradition there rather than in Aston ! :D
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    Liver 'n Onions

    I never get to eat this these day 'cos my kids all turn their noses up at it if I suggest it ! It was one of my childhood favourites. Liver, onions, mashed potatoes and peas, swimming in gravy ! Luvverly ! :P
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    Canterbury Cross Primary School - Centenary Celebrations

    This school is in Birchfields/Perry Barr and is situated behind the Odeon cinema (if the cinema is still there !!!). I have been contacted by one of the teaching staff there, Mr. Paul Hunt, who says that they are now discussing plans for the schools centenary celebrations in 2006. I have put...
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    Luckett's in Aston

    Hi, I'm in regular contact with an old school friend of mine - David Luckett - down under in Sydney. He must be one of yours, having come from Wheeler St ???? :P
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    Aston Cakes

    I recall stepping off the No 33, 51 or 52 bus at Six-Ways Aston right outside the bakers shop, Wimbush's I think it was. I'd regularly buy a Cream Horn or a Coconut slice. Best of all was the Aston Cake ! Hands up all those who remember it ! A bit like a Victoria sponge but more moist and...
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    FLIGHT's Coaches

    Dorothy Dodson wrote under MISC about her trips to Rhyl; this sparked my memories of trips on Flight's Coaches to such places, including BLackpool. Flight's in the 60's were a relatively small concern operating out of a garage on Victoria Road. Look at them now ! :P
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    Men's Sartorial Wear ???

    Walk down Tower Rd. towards HP Sauce, cross over Upper Sutton St. carry on down over Upper Thomas St and at the very bottom on the right hand side was a rather unusual clothing shop on the corner opposite Ansells. I can't recall the name in full, but it sold all those Teddy Boy type clothes and...
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    Pigs Trotters

    Reading about Faggots and Peas reminded me of the old Bull Ring market (The bombed-out one), where you could by steaming hot Pigs Trotters for a tanner each. I don't think I could face 'em today, but as a kid in the late 50's early sixties they were heaven. :wink:
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    List of Aston Pubs OnLine

    Click on the following URL to take you to a comprehensive List of Pubs in Aston. https://www.midlandspubs.co.uk/aston/ Point-o-KingPin please !