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    Boom box CD player.

    Can anyone recommend a CD player that last longer than a year. We’ve had three Phillips players to date which have all packed up, two were replaced under the original 12 month guarantee. It needs to be portable as our young Grandchildren use it in different rooms. Many thanks.
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    First visit to Birmingham in 39 years and came by train.

    Had to come back to a relatives funeral so chose the train rather than bother with the car, wish I'd used the car. Travelled Redruth Cornwall to Solihull which turned into a nightmare return. Didn't mind the change in Plymouth then the walk from New St to Moor st but the return left a lot to...
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    Scientific apparatus makers Perry barr

    Hello Asked this question a few years ago but had no replies so thought I would have another go. Does anyone have any info on a company that was located on the Walsall road Perry Barr next door to Evertaught/Tucker Eylet called Charles cook and Son (the son was my estranged father). This would...
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    Stockland Green

    Hello jennyann Reading about the Plaza on Stockland Green can you tell me where abouts it was located in relation to Stockland Garage ? I worked for Stocklands for over 4 years back in the middle sixties and can't remember ever seeing the Plaza, can remember the pub next door where many of...
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    Dorrington Road Infant and Junior School

    We sometimes used to walk up Derrydown on the way to Dorrington rd Schools, infants and junior, and used to take the short cut through the right of way at the top of Derrydown. The head teachers at both Schools were Miss Kirkham and Mr Aspinall, probably changed by the time you went there. The...
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    Cooks, Scientific apparatus manufacturers

    Trying to find anyone that worked at Cooks on the Walsall road Perry Barr near Tuckers and Evertaught (spelling ?). This was my Fathers Family business and i am trying to find out more of his side of the family. My Mother and Father were divorced when i was 6 months old so never met my Father...