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    Old tram routes in birmingham

    Dave A ..many thanks Dave..sometimes people just don't want to be corrected.. and I feel that regardless they should be if you are only correcting them..as other people would be inclined to believe them that trams ran down Park Lane IF they did not have any knowledge of the area.. . But thanks...
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    Great Tindal Street Ladywood

    Oh my goodness Nimrod 1947... I have not been on here for ages..and saw your original post again..and because I never heard from you well I have just about 20mins ago sent near enough the same message again.. then carried on reading other things..and then I saw your reply from last year.. and it...
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    Great Tindal Street Ladywood

    Hi nimrod 1947.. Well well so you must be PATRICK SLANEYS cousin and his sister DIANE..? I knew exactly where they lived ..was in their house many a time.. I would love to know whereabouts he is now .. someone told me years ago he saw him drinking at the black horse in Northfield.. .they lived...
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    Ladywood In The 1870s

    Hello pat.. yes there was a Tindal St in those years.. it was on the other side of Gt Tindal St where it crossed Saint Vincent st .. Tindal st then had it's name changed to BROWNING ST.. I lived in Great Tindal St at the top part by monument rd.. hope this meets you well..stay safe and...
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    Old tram routes in birmingham

    Hi there Astonian.. can you please help me with this question that I'm asking and this is it..... did trams go along PARK LANE.. .. that's my question.. I lived in Aston a long time and even looking back at old pics of park lane I ca not see any tram lines at all... I'm sure a tram come down...
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    Broad Street Hospital

    St Chads Hospital was on HAGLEY ROAD
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    Aston Tavern, Aston Hall Road

    Hi there..i have only just saw your post..and I also lived on Aston hall rd. I lived right next door to Props service station the little grey haired lady run it...what number did you live in..stay stay safe and alert God bless
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    Great Tindal Street Ladywood

    Hi nimrod 1947... well well so your family to the Slaneys.. I knew Patrick Slaney.. not sure maybe his sister was called diane.. there was a little shop beside them and Wrensons on the corner.. they lived over the road from the familys called Harrisons and Flemings..the last i heard Patrick was...
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    Aston, Lozells & Witton Photos Reposted

    Hi.. does anyone on here have a connection with a member called Goldie.. as i saw her post about her neighbour being born in the pub The Minerva Vaults pub in Gt Hampton Row.. and wanted a picture..if anyone could please put me in touch with her.. I am a ex landlady of that pub..xx
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    New John Street West & New John Street

    Hi lyn..its been a good while since i have really been on here... Yes i lived in NJSW and to try and explain ..well here goes...if you were standing on the corner og where the picture house was ..where part of it is on new town row and the side of it is on NJSW..well walk about a 50 yards down...
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    New John Street West & New John Street

    I lived at 4/9 new john st West.. from 1948 till 1953..if you have any pictures i would be grateful to see... and yes elkington st crossed over to blew st and park...from bushbaby..
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    New John Street West & New John Street

    Hi Hi lyn i know its a very long ago post..but i lived 4/9new john st West.. the picture house was on the corner of new town row and went down the side of.new john st west.. that was opposite were i lived.. would be so greatful if you could post the picture again . Or anyone else who saw this...
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    New John Street West & New John Street

    hi topsy.. just come on here .saw this post from 2012 but no picture.. my family come from belfast and i also was born there ..we come here in 48 and lived at 4back of nine New John St West.. so would love to see that picture if still available.. we left the in 53 .stay safe and stay alert my...
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    Cinema in Ledsam St Ladywood

    It was called The Regent.. it was on ledsam st.. so people just called it the ledsam
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    Anyone remember Steptoes

    Corner of hurst st and smallbrook ringway.. it was first called La Dolce Vita..oppisite Larcarno.. It changes names to Steptoes..Romeo and Juliets.. (im not sure about Pulse).. im sure a couple more names...
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    Midland Educational

    The education shop moved further up ..(it was opposite Lewis's) and the entrance to Oasis was by it also the Mini restaurant..as thats where i worked till mid 70s..
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    Midland Educational

    Yes i remember it as i worked in the mini restaurant which was maybe a couple of shops away and also entrance to Oasis market..(over the rd from Lewis.) And then you could go down the subway to the mini restaurant CAFE..well remember as i worked at the mini restaurant upto mid 70s..
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    Midland Educational

    Do you remember a mini restaurant being next door and also the entrance to Oasis store...
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    St philips rc boys home, edgbaston

    Dear Humph.... I attended the Oratory junior and seniors.. and i left there in 1960 to start work.. in junior school i was in a mrs ellis class and i remember a boy called jonathan who had a brother.called humphrey.... we then were in the same class again a welsh teacher called mr bobbett.. it...