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    Stechford Area

    Can any one explain how a bench seat with Stechford written on the back top rail ended up on the railway station in Betws-y-Coed North Wales ? Geff
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    The Home Guard

    Could I be the last member of the Home Guard in Birmingham, or one of the last. I was in B. Company, Warwickshire Home Guard stationed at Marchment Road. Girls School. Bordesley Green. Birmingham. 9. I am in my 95 year so there cannot be many of us left. Geoff.
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    Sinfield & Son

    Thanks Mikejee, it brings back a lot of memories for me. The work was done on the roof of the Gaumomt Cinema and an Insurance Company in Steelhouse Lane, I was 15 at the time making it 79 years ago. That makes me feel old. Geff
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    Sinfield & Son

    Thanks Maurice, I was an apprentice joiner at the building firm of Sinfield and Son on Alum Rock hill almost opposite the Picture House. They were fiddling the books when working on bomb repairs. The Father and son, and the Foreman went to prison. I had to find another firm to take me on. They...
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    Sinfield & Son

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    V E & VJ Day 2020 celebrations

    I was in Hanover Germany in the Royal Engineers, just turned 19 years old 15 days before the end of the fighting. They then decided I was needed in Palestine for the next 2 years before Demob. Geoff
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    I will, because I will also be 100 on that day, God willing. GEFF
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    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    I used to go to the Grand Casino in Corporation Street opposite the Old Square Geff
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    Home Guard

    Hi Brummy Paul, Ref. your message Home Guard. If your dad lived in the Bordersley area he would have been stationed at the Girls School in Marchment Road, just above the Broadway Pub on the left hand side. It was the B. Company 39th Battalion. Royal Warwickshire Regt. Home Guard. I was a very...
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    Home Guard

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    Windows 10

    Microsoft are removing "Help" on Widows 7 in January. I am considering going on to Windows 10, the problem is I am approaching the age of 94. My memory is playing me up and I wonder if I would be able to master a new format. "Better the Devil you Know" or try something new. Advice would be...
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    Where did you live

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    Windows 7

    Hi Mohawk, Thanks for your reply and the information. The main item that is bothering me is that I do a lot with family History and I am often sending old Photos to family members and relatives on E. Mail. I put the message on mail and attach, go to my pictures choose photo, send to E. Mail...
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    Windows 7

    When I open my Laptop a message tells me " Could not reconnect all network drives," I can still use the internet but there are certain items it will not do. Help would be appreciated. Geff
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    Trade or Occupation

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    I will be 93 on the Queens Birthday.21-4-2019. My wife is 87 and we will have been married 65 years on August 7th 2019, if we manage to make it there. Geoff and Joyce.
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    Bordesley green

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    New Printer/Scanner/Copier

    I have a new Printer that will not take compatable inks. I will not name it in case I get into trouble. Can anyone make suggestions on how to overcome this problem, have I wasted my money? GEFF