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    The Home Guard

    Could I be the last member of the Home Guard in Birmingham, or one of the last. I was in B. Company, Warwickshire Home Guard stationed at Marchment Road. Girls School. Bordesley Green. Birmingham. 9. I am in my 95 year so there cannot be many of us left. Geoff.
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    Windows 7

    When I open my Laptop a message tells me " Could not reconnect all network drives," I can still use the internet but there are certain items it will not do. Help would be appreciated. Geff
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    Windows 7

    A message " Not Responding" /the screen goes Misty and Freezes/ it also Freezes with out the Mist. Has it got a bug, I have Norton Security. GEFF.
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    Sinfields And Son , Builders Alum Rock Road

    I spent a few months working for "Sinfields and Son Builders" almost opposite a bike shop. I also had 2 weeks at the Law Courts as witness to working on properties which were subject to fiddling. Did they go bust after that? I then found a decent job.
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    Craftinwood Ltd.

    I worked for Craftinwood Ltd in the late 40s and early 50s. they were in Ashted Row but after the re-development of that area I lost touch with them. Did they go out of business, or did they go bankrupt. They were a very laid back firm to work for, and their work was excellent. Geff
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    Windows 7

    My Windows 7 keeps freezing on me, can anyone make a suggestion on how to cure it, please. GEFF
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    Family War History WW. 2

    The recent anniversary ofV.E. day 70 years ago jogged my memory in regard to the service my family gaveto the war effort from Sept. 1939 to November 1947. My parents had 6 children and we were allinvolved totally. The age range betweenthe eldest and the youngest was 12 years. Little did we...
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    Which One

    I have researched my G.G.Grandfather back to his birth in 1771 via the 1841 census. I now want to go on to Parish Records. Which can be recommended? "Ancestry.co" is chargeable and "Familysearch.org" is free, which would suit me being an old pensioner, can anyone put me on the right track please.
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    Internet Problem

    I had a few virus on my Windows 7 which I have got rid of, now I find that I can get Internet Explorer web page but nowhere to put request for information. I have Google which is O.K. but prefer the Explorer. Any suggestions how to overcome the problem please. Geff
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    My old XP Pavilion tells me that "The computer Data Base is outdated" What does that mean, spend money on it, or, throw it away? I still have my Windows 7. Geff
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    Hotmail to Skype or Outlook.

    Do I have to go on to Skype? Would it be benificial for me. I am quite happy with Hotmail without more things to confuse my old brain.
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    Sinfield & Son

    Where can I find the details of a court case in 1940-41 at the Steelhouse Central Courts, would it be the Birmingham Mail or the Court Archives?
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    When typing an e.mail can I leave it unfinished, "save it" and bring it back to complete at a later time, I have a Windows 7, I have tried but failed to master it.
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    I have a problem with Windows 7, or is it me? if I want to print a page from the internet, or a letter I get a box appear with "Print to File" heading and then it is asking for "Output File Name". I have not clue what to do, glad I have kept my old XP. Help.
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    Would "Windows Essentials 2012" be of use to me,I am an 86 year old man who just likes reading the Forum Mail, involved in family and friends E. Mail, and generally looking up information when needed, also playing about with photographs. The Terms one has to accept look a bit involved to me...
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    Have just down loaded "Microsoft Security Essentials" but cannot find how to bring it onto the screen, what icon should I look for. I would like to know if I have done it properly. Do I need another Anti Virus security as well? I have a Windows 7 Laptop and an XP do I have to notify anyone...
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    Royal Warwicks

    My brother went to France soon after the war started in 1939, he was in the 8th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regt. he came home via Dunkirk. He was then moved to the Yorks and Lancs Regt. I am having trouble in finding anything about the 8th after Dunkirk. Was it disbanded and why? Is there...
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    World War Children

    If you are in your your 70s or 80s read the following book "Children of War" by Susan Goodman. I got it from my local library, it is a compelling read, I could`nt put it down until finished. It brought back a lot of memories for me good and bad, it also brought tears to my eyes. Geff.
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    I have an XP that keeps telling me I am short on Virtual Memory, it does run rather slow, what does it mean and how do I solve the Problem. Would a portable storage drive help? Geff
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    Upper Case letters

    I have a Windows 7 and I have just found out on typing a letter, that the upper case letters are cut in half from the top, example T has no top bar and so on with all of the alphabet. Have I pressed something I should`nt have done, or is it the computer? Geff