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    Lozells Road, Shops, Pubs, Businesses etc

    I remember McGauleys toys and pram shop.
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    Soho Road Handsworth

    Lovely memories,where Boots was on the corner when i left school in the sixties it was a shoe shop,that was my first job.Soho Road always brings such happy memories.
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    The Pleck, Park Road, Hockley

    Had photos of The Pleck,was going to send,moved from Brum to Lincoln to be near my son,I expect they are in a box somewhere,will keep looking.
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    The Pleck, Park Road, Hockley

    Seems in those days houses were passed down the family,my mom was the last before they were demolished.
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    The Pleck, Park Road, Hockley

    Hi Lyn,will send pics as soon as my son comes down,just as an afterthought ,The Pleck was an unadopted road but I would have thought would be on an ordananace servey map.
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    The Pleck, Park Road, Hockley

    Hi, I have replied earlier but being new to this technology!i don't know if you got my reply so sorry if I'm repeating.I lived at number 5 the Pleck from 1947 till I married in 1970.My family had always lived down the Pleck,there used to be row of cottages further down all empty when i was a...
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    The Pleck, Park Road, Hockley

    That would be good can give y
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    The Pleck, Park Road, Hockley

    Hi, I lived at number 5 The Pleck park Road from when I was born in 1947 till 1970 We I lived at number 5 The Pleck from 1947. To 1970,I have photos but am knew to iPads
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    Soho Road Handsworth

    What lovely memories these photos have brought back,I used to work at Englands Soho Road in the sixties then moved up the road to Freeman Hardy Willis.
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    Digbeth Town Hall

    I remember the Jug of Punch ,Ian Campbell ,very happy memories.
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    Memories : Tribute to old Birmingham

    l remember a lot of those places do you remember The Le Metro folk club.it was in one of the arches side of Snow Hill station.
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    Birmingham Back-to-Backs

    Hi,my friend lived in a back to back in Park Road Hockley,one narrow kitchen,very small living room with stairs going up to two bedrooms.I used to think it was very cramped but cosy,Mom dad two brothers and my friend. I must admit if I needed the toilet I would go home,ours was outside,but all ours.
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    Pubs And Clubs Of The 70s And 80s

    Went to The Royal George a few times in the mid 60s,can't remember if it was there they had a folk club or The Crown
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    Austin Somerset

    My first car was an Austin Somerset,column change gears,as i am only five feet tall my dad put wooden blocks on the pedals and I sat on about three cushions so I could see through the windscreen,no health and safety then but I suppose not many cars on the road,anyway I'm still driving!!
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    Soho Road Handsworth

    Lovely pics of Soho Road,one of them had the shoe shop i worked,Englands,my first job on leaving school 1962 at 15
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    Hunters Road Hockley

    My Grandmother was nursemaid then Nanny to a family in Hunters Road in the 1900s was very fond of the family and was married from there the name of the family was Surls
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    Hockley Hill

    Does anyone remember Pratts Green grocer Hockey Brook my husbands aunt worked there in the 40s-50s Nelly Jones
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    Aston Hall Reminiscences

    I spent many happy hours walking round Aston Hall used to enjoy it by candlelight also the history of it.
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    Where did you live

    I was born 1947 in Dudley Road hospital,lived down The Pleck Park Road,Hockly went to Benson Road primary then Handsworth New Road girls 1970 moved to Kings Heath,now living in Clevedon Somerset.Miss Brum that's why I was so pleased to find this forum
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    Old street pics..

    I know I'm writing again but these photos bring such happy memories.I worked at McGaulies toy shop in Villa Road in the sixties.