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  1. Stephen0002002


    ( I can't find anything on this on the search ) ... I pass the massive Eastside development every day to and from work (by Curzon Circus). I can't believe how fast it is progressing. Just thought it might be worthy of a thread and if we have any pictures it would be great.
  2. Stephen0002002

    Sandwell Hall, Sandwell Priory

    I hear that the Sandwell Priory excavations that were unearthed under the site of Sandwell Hall, are being worked on (Oct 2013) to put them back into a reasonable state. And I couldnt find a thread for Sandwell Hall or Priory - which seems a shame. Its close to my early stomping ground of...
  3. Stephen0002002

    Logging in, logging off

    Sorry to raise a negative thread in this brilliant forum and apologies if this is covered elsewhere. But the site log's you out automaticaly now very quickly - so by the time you've caught up and read a thread and replied - the system has logged you out - and you loose what you wrote, so...
  4. Stephen0002002

    Theatre: Whats on, where and is it good.

    Just a thread to see if anyone's been to the theatre lately and if they recommend whats on.