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    Red Lion/Trader Acocks Green closed

    Went past the Red Lion tonight,all the windows were boarded up. I believe it was rebuilt in the 70s,and Safeway supermarket was added at the back.
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    Britannia, Warwick Road now Closed

    An old 80s haunt of mine has now closed down. All the windows have metal shutters,and a group of travelers have made themselves at home in the back car park. Was a great pub once,but has sadly declined in recent years.
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    The Ben Johnson King Edward Inn

    The Ben Johnson in Birmingham Famous old brummy pub.Great building,shame it's surrounded and dwarfed by latter dross.
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    Clement Arms, Bordesley

    Clement Arms, Bordesley - 30 Coventry Rd Small Heath, Birmingham, B10 Not to be confused with the one in New Town Row. There used to be lots of pubs from the start of the Coventry rd up to the Blues ground,most have now gone.Strangely this one tucked away has survived.
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    Sack of potatoes

    Sack of potatoes,10 Gosta Green, Birmingham, West Midlands, B4 7ER Always associated with Aston University.Seems to be still a popular venue out of term too. Anyone got memories to share?
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    A 'cut' above the rest?

    Last Sunday I went for a walk along the 'cut. Started Richmond Rd Olton,got off and walked through some 'wilderness' that took me to Hay Mills.Brekkie in Asda,then bus to town.Round to Livery St,then back through a bit of Digbetgh,then bus home. Amateur to the core,no fancy poses,but the...
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    Red Lion/Trader Acocks Green

    Formerly known as 'The Trader' back in the 80s. This pub has had a reputation for bad behaviour in more recent years,but nevertheless I spent many happy times there years back.Last week I recognised many old faces who used to drink in the Acocks/Tysley area from my time there 20+ years ago. A...
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    Forge Tavern, Digbeth

    Forge Tavern Fazeley Street Digbeth This pub seems to be doing ok,even got its own website....trendy devils:D
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    I was just wandering..

    Went for a walk last saturday.Did hop on a bus to cover part of the trip,but took some pics to share. Started at Warwick rd Olton,went through acocks and Tysley.Bus to Sparkbrook,then via Trinity to the canal,then town,on to Hockley,then bus back. The pics are not great,I'm no...
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    McDwyers - Sparkhill

    McDwyers - Sparkhill 79, Warwick Rd, Sparkhill, Birmingham, West Midlands, B11 4RD Remember this from 20+ years ago,but the name at the time slips my mind. It became a Banks pub,unusual in the 1980s,but no doubt good for trade. Given the state of the pubs in the area it's done well to survive.
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    Phyllis Nicklin updated in Howard St

    I was around that area the other day,and tried to update a few of her pics. 1 - Howard St/Hampton St 1963 2009 -
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    The Shakespeare - Spaqrkbrook

    The Shakespeare - Sparkbrook Old favourite,been around years.Seems to have had a clean up,some paint,and is now also trading as a hotel.
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    Old Wharf - Digbeth

    Old Wharf - Digbeth Remember this from years ago. Kind of hard to make out if it's still open or not,given I was there in the morning.
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    Constitution Hill - Help to identify a pub please

    Constitution Hill - now I'm sure this was a pub years ago,it's now an arab type resturant. Anyone put a name,or story to it please?
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    German Fighter machine guns bus

    My mother Elsie,86 yo God Bless her,and still able to spring a huge surprise. During the Birmingham blitz my mother was on a bus from Walsall one early morning,going to her work at Turner Bros near Summer Lane. Going along the Walsall Road,Perry Barr,near the Crematorium they were attacked...
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    Brewer and Baker, Camp Hill

    How much money did Bank's Brewery spend on this rebuild back in the 80s? Last used this xmas day 1990,it was dead then,and I believe it never really took off as was hoped.
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    Hi,never done this before,so please excuse an amateur if I haven't done it right. Clara Millicent Botterill,she'd be only 1 or 2 at this time,and lived in Walton/Kimcote Leicestershire. I'd love an address please,then I could see where she lived as a child.She was my much loved granny...
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    Bev Bevan

    Bev Bevan Famous musician,and of course now more likely to be seen on TV in various guises. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bev_Bevan
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    Trevor Eve

    Trevor Eve The actor famous as the Shoestring detective. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trevor_Eve
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    Chamberlain family

    The Chamberlain family. No doubt Brum's most famous politicians ever. Joseph the father,followed by his 2 sons Austen and the better known Prime Minister Neville. Famous of course doesn't mean good,just well known,and these are without doubt very well known.