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    Apollo Cinema Erdington

    Anyone remember the Apollo cinema which was just over the road from the Norton pub? I went to see Rock Around The Clock there which starred Bill Hayley, plus other films that I can't remember. It was demolished to make way for the block of shops.
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    Last tram ever along Bristol Road

    Does anyone please know the date of the last ever tram along Bristol Road? My grandfather, William Gare, of Bournebrook drove it. He died in 1950.
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    Tram accident 11.11.1918

    Does anyone please have any information on a tram accident that occured on November 11th, 1918 (Armistice Day) on Bristol Road? My great grandfather (Jospeh Talbot aged 80) was knocked over by a tram and dragged for one mile by it up on Bristol Road. He died result of the accident in hospital...
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    The Beehive

    I think the Beehive store was in Albert Street and didn't Jasper Carrot once work there?
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    Dog and Doublet, Bodymoor Heath

    Does anyone remenber going to the Dog & Doublet in Bodymoor Heath near Tamworth and Sutton Coldfield in the early 1970s when they used to have a piano player and a man with a gazoo? They used to do songs like "Three Old Ladies Sitting On The Lavoratory" and do funny actions. If so, does anyone...
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    Helena Street, B'ham 1.... photos needed

    Hi, Can anyone please tell me a site where I could find photos of Helena Street, Birmingham 1. I have searched around but can't find anything. I would like pictures of this for a friend who now lives in Australia, she was living in Helena Street in Coronation year. Thank you.
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    Invited to see the quacks

    When I was 5 or 6 years old and living in Frederick Rd in Selly Oak I had a friend across the road who lived in the pre-fabs. Her father asked me if I would like to go with them to see the quacks. I got all excited and asked my Mom if I could go to which she agreed so I got dressed up and off...
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    Torch and Bonfire

    My husband and I are both Brummies but we speak somewhat differently. For instance I pronounce Bonfire as Bonfire whereas he calls it a BUNfire as did his work partners over 20 years ago. These partners all had to go to work as Electrical Contactors in Pakistan where they got talking to the...
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    Doo Dah

    I don't know why I say this, but when referring to the microwave I usually call it the Doo Dah. Does anyone know where I may have got this expression from please?
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    Riland Bedford High School for Girls and Boys.

    Hi, Is there anyone on this forum who used to go to Riland Bedford High School for Girls (now Plantsbrook School) in Sutton Coldfield? I went there from 1959 until 1963 and would love to hear from anyone who attended those years and a few beyond.
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    Erdington Baths

    In 1958-59 I used to have to walk from Birches Green junior school every day to the swimming baths in Erdington for a quick lesson, walk all the way back and then have dinner at school. I recall having a hot Oxo drink in the cafe at the baths. Even till this day I still can't swim!!
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    LORD BYRON, Newhall Street

    Does anyone have any information or a photo of the Lord Byron In Newhall Street, B'ham 3 please? My great grandparents (Poole family) used to run this place but its now demolished.
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    Armistice Day Tram

    It was Armistice Day, 11 November 1918, when a tram knocked over my paternal Great Grandfather, Joseph Talbot aged 80, and dragged him about a mile along Bristol Road. What a day for this to happen as he had survived the war. He eventually died in hospital on Boxing Day of that year as a...