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  1. J

    Birmingham Schools Football History / & photos

    Another apology. Forgot to add team names. Left to right; John Charlton (Birmingham City)' Mr Blades, Brian Wilmot (Coventry City) Arthur Phipps, Ray Sutch, ? ? ? Leslie Baker, seated; Joe White (Coventry city), Bullet Smith, George Allen (Birmingham city)' Bagshaw, Gordon Knutt (Coventry...
  2. J

    Birmingham Schools Football History / & photos

    Apologies forgot to attach school team photo and photo of me on the day I won my cap. John woodfield
  3. J

    Birmingham Schools Football History / & photos

    My only recollection of Ada Road School was that during the early fifties I would go to the dance which was held in the Assembly Room. Unfortunately I have no recollection of the school football team, however, between the years of 1943 - 1945 I attended Alston Road Senior Boys School and played...