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    Birmingham buses

    I hear that the Outer Circle is being split in two. Please tell me it's not true.
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    Alum Rock Road Shops

    I've spent hours looking for a reference to the pork butchers. Was beginning to think it was my imagination. My gran used to swear by their meat & I often went there with her before I started school (in the early 50s). If I remember correctly it was called perry's.
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    Should Birmingham back the planting of blossom trees ?

    I remember as a child, the side streets were planted with Hawthorn trees which we called May blossom, for obvious reasons. They were also covered in scarlet berries in the autumn.
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    Union Street

    Pretty sure the 55 stopped in Old Square in my day. Used to catch it when going to my grandmother's house in Stechford lane.
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    Union Street

    Is my memory playing tricks. I left Birmingham in 1973, but previously lived in Hodge Hill & I'm sure we caught the 56 bus to the Fox & Goose from outside Henry's in Union Street. Please would someone confirm or deny this.( Incidentally I remember the entrance to C&A in Union Passage.)
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    My Nan's sayings

    When someone asked Gran where something was & she didn't know she'd say "It's on the corner of Bull St & Alum Rock"
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    Fattorini Goldsmiths

    Will do.
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    Fattorini Goldsmiths

    Thank you for that info. They moved earlier than I thought. My grandfather moved to work for them in Birmingham, but he married his 2nd wife in Bradford in 1922 & my mother was born in Bradford in 1923. Family legend has it that 2 of his daughters from his 1st marriage moved with them & the...
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    Fattorini Goldsmiths

    Can anyone tell me when they moved from Bradford to B'ham Jewellery quarter. Think it was in the early 30's. Are they still in business.
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    How Aston Villa won, and lost the FA cup in the same year.

    I have that drawing (or at least a copy of it) The cup replacement was designed & engraved by my grandfather William Norman who was chief designer & engraver for Fattorini & sons in Bradford, In the 1930s he moved with them to Birmingham to premises in the Jewellery Quarter,. My mother was born...
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    Long gone shops

    I believe C&A have shops in Spain. (how much longer is anyone's guess)
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    Help with divorce record.

    My cousin is trying (unsuccessfully) to find the divorce details for his father & his father's first wife. Charles Henry Hartles married Annie Minett in Birmingham in 1925. They had 2 daughters, born 1934 & 1935 respectively. Annie appears to have returned to live with her parents in 1935in...
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    Don't know if it's exclusively Brummie, but when you were miserable, you "looked like you'd lost a ten bob note & found a gas bill"
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    Unable to access a site I have been using for many years, following a Windows update.

    I have been using Rootschat for many years & in fact I was using it until around 4pm yesterday. Windows did one of it's wonderful updates at about 5 pm &when I tried to log into Rootschat this morning, access was denied, saying that the site was unsafe. Please has anyone any idea how I can solve...
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    Hodge Hill Junior School

    Hi Judy. Now I know your surname, of course I remember you. If I remember rightly, your mum had a florists shop in Coleshill Road. (or was that someone else.) I Think you can send a private message by clicking on my name. Not sure though.
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    Hodge Hill Junior School

    I started in September 1950 & left in July 1956. I'm still in touch with Christine Pearce (now Bennett). We started on the same day & our birthdays are 2 weeks apart.... we won't mention how many we have had !!! Marion Judson (nee Davis)
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    Hodge Hill Junior School

    I have a group photo of the reception class, with the girls dressed as fairies & Philip Scriven in a pixie outfit!!!.
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    Why does my PC keep telling me some sites are "not responding"

    The odd thing is, for no apparent reason, when I switched on again yesterday, everything was back to normal. The problem was only with sites accessed through MSN so I suspect one of Windows 10 useless upgrades..
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    Why does my PC keep telling me some sites are "not responding"

    Since yesterday I keep getting a message that something (eg Facebook ) is not responding. Had no problems previously. Any suggestions would be welcome.
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    Washwood Heath Road

    It was the Labour Exchange. A purpose built building, & opposite was a Ministry of Pensions caller office in St Marks Church rooms