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  1. J

    The Grove Mill Farm Rd Harborne

    Thank you superdad3,not sure I know why she was there but all information gratefully received.
  2. J

    The Grove Mill Farm Rd Harborne

    I have a relative who died here in 1967,but I have been unable to find out what kind of institution this was.I do know it wasn't her home address.I would be most interested to find out more about this address.
  3. J

    CLEWS connections politely requested, please

    Hi Cat,William Brimble had 2 sons James and Frederick W,I am descended from James and Frederick's daughter Alice was married to A E Clews.
  4. J

    Aston Union Workhouse

    Hi,This is my first post and originally from Birmingham I am no longer in the area.I recently obtained a birth certificate for Nellie Newey 02/03/1906 and her birth address was the workhouse in Erdington.Her mother is listed as Mary,I have 2 questions 1.Would she have to prove identity to enter...