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    Villa Cross

    I used to drink in The villa cross, i miss it but this covid has got me trapd in ireland , hope to get back soon.
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    Wills Street

    was the flats been done now.
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    HAPPY 90TH COOKIE273UK (eric)

    ive not been on for a long time but great time for happy birthday
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    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    Kids in them days had to wear hand downs so that might be why they don't fit
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    The cane at school

    I got the cane at upper Thomas St, I can't remember what for but I no it hurt.
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    Great photograph.
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    Wills Street

    Cheers Lozellian, i no they say you shouldnt go back. But i liked it round that way.
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    Wills Street

    Dam, i was looking forward to looking at one of those flats.
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    Aston, Lozells & Witton Photos Reposted

    Great photograph.
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    St Barnabas Churchyard

    This is misleading John Knight, as the article you provide a link to is SEVEN years old ! ie 14th October 2012 !
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    Wills Street

    Hello Astoness , I was involved in building work, and as an Irish fella, i lived where there were plenty of Irish people, most of my time around that arer i lived in wretham road, also hunters road, it was a good place for pubs to.
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    Wills Street

    I wouldnt mind to go and live back that way if i could get a flat in the new building.
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    Convention Centre & Broad Street - historic photos

    It made me shudder looking at the Broad Street photographs, realising how close it was to The Registry office and getting married there arghhhhhhh.
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    Wills Street

    Can you put the map on here so we can see it .
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    Pubs of Hockley/Newtown

    Why would an M and B pub have an Ansells sign over it ? strange.
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    RIP Astonian (Alan)

    RIP my old mate.
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    RIP Astonian (Alan)

    Have you done it as a private message John, I cant post onto his page as I am not one of his Friends .
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    RIP Astonian (Alan)

    Its not possible to leave a message on Facebook !
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    Lozells Road, Shops, Pubs, Businesses etc

    The Church in the distance Viv is St Pauls, its now called St Pauls and St Silas.
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    Bloomsbury Street

    Birmingham Council information Bloomsbury Library ........ Maybe they reduced the amount of books, perhaps there are not so many people in the area who are interested in reading !! "]www.birmingham.gov.uk/directory_record/5127/bloomsbury_library_at_the_pod