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    Fattorini Goldsmiths

    Can anyone tell me when they moved from Bradford to B'ham Jewellery quarter. Think it was in the early 30's. Are they still in business.
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    Help with divorce record.

    My cousin is trying (unsuccessfully) to find the divorce details for his father & his father's first wife. Charles Henry Hartles married Annie Minett in Birmingham in 1925. They had 2 daughters, born 1934 & 1935 respectively. Annie appears to have returned to live with her parents in 1935in...
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    Unable to access a site I have been using for many years, following a Windows update.

    I have been using Rootschat for many years & in fact I was using it until around 4pm yesterday. Windows did one of it's wonderful updates at about 5 pm &when I tried to log into Rootschat this morning, access was denied, saying that the site was unsafe. Please has anyone any idea how I can solve...
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    Why does my PC keep telling me some sites are "not responding"

    Since yesterday I keep getting a message that something (eg Facebook ) is not responding. Had no problems previously. Any suggestions would be welcome.
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    Hand. Elusive Aunt & Uncle.

    looking for info about John Joseph Hand & his wife Nellie nee Norman who married in 1938 in Birmingham. I know nothing at all about John Joseph. Nellie was born in Bradford in 1908 & they lived in Grosvenor Road Great Barr. I understand that they had at least 2 children & were still at the same...
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    Norman Nellie B Bradford 1908

    Nellie & her sister Phyllis moved to Birmingham with their father & stepmother in about 1927. Around 1930 there was a family row & Nellie & Phyllis left the family home. I believe Nellie married George Shepherd in 1940 & had 2 daughters. Nellie died in 1960 at which time the family were living...
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    Percival Royle Peers 1874....1952

    Please could someone look up a coroner's report on the death of this man. He was apparently last seen alive on 23rd Jan 1952 & found dead on the 29th Jan. The last address I can find for him is 6 back 198 St Stephens St in 1950. He doesn't appear to have married & as far as I can tell he was an...
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    Lee Crowder, solicitors

    Does anyone know who the Crowder was. My g grandmother was a Crowder & I´m trying to see if there is a link, although I am aware that there were at least 2 unrelated Crowder families in Brum in the mid-late 1800s 24.2.2013. Nobody any ideas??? Oh well.Back to the drawing board.
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    Which School??

    My gran, Esther Sewell was born in 1891. On the 1901 census she is shown as aged 10, living with her older siblings at 3/9 Kenyon Street, St Pauls. (They were orphaned). Can anyone suggest which school she may have gone to, although by her own admission, she didn´t go very often.
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    Norman Nellie

    Looking for info about this lady who was my mother´s half sister. She was born in Bradford in 1908. Following her mother´s death, her father re married & in around 1927 the family moved to Birmingham. Nellie & one of her sisters went with them. At some point around 1930-32 there was a huge...
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    Measles epidemic

    Does anyone know anything about a measles epidemic in Birmingham around 1925-1930 ? A cousin is sure that her father´s sister´s husband & child died in the outbreak, but can´t find any relevent deaths in the Kings Norton area.
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    Amberley school

    Can anyone tell me anything about this school? It was a private school, pretty sure it was called Amberley & it was on Coleshill Road, just opposite the Metro Cammell sports ground. It was a big old house which stood back from the road & next door to it a vet´s surgery was built in the 60s. My...
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    Sewell Alfred Henry

    Alf was born in 1874 to Thomas Sewell & Esther Crowder & was my gran´s older brother. Can´t find him anywhere in 1901 or 1911 by which time he was married to his first wife. The family knew her as Millie, but she was probably Amelia. he was an electro plater & as far as I know lived in...
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    Davis Caroline Baptism look up please

    William Davis & his wife Sarah had their daughter Caroline bapt 2.3.1818 at St Martin. Am hoping that there may be some clue to father´s occupation on the original entry, because I think it may be William Davis who was a soldier with the 40th foot & brother of my 3xg grandfather John Sanders...
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    Morris/Binloss marriage.

    Please could someone give me the details of the marriage between John Morris & Margaret Binloss 14.7.1840 St Martin, in particular, fathers names & whether either of them was widowed. Marion
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    Please does anyone have any memory of Ellen (Nellie) Clarke who died 1938 at 4back19 Alfred Street Handsworth. She had several children who would have been adults by the time she died,3 with the surname Babbington, Ellen, Rosie & Ernest, plus Lilian & William Clarke. There may well have been...
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    B´ham theatre

    The story goes that my grandparents met when my grandfather was working in a theatre which was in the building which became the Kings Hall Market in around 1910. He was supposed to have had a bad accident & injured his back while he was there & hence was never called up to the army in WW1. Can...
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    Crowder (John & Fanny)

    Have been looking for nearly 20 years for a marriage between John Crowder & Frances Parker. Gold star for anyone who can find it. John Crowder was born in Birmingham 2.5.1817 & bapt at St Martin 25.9.1817. Frances Parker was born 24.12.1816. Their eldest child was born 1836/7. Have the cert for...
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    Zouch family

    My grandfather´s sister Emma Davis married Alfred Goodwin Zouch 1 Aug 1914. They appear to have just had 1 child, a son also called Alfred Goodwin Zouch b31.8.1917. He married twice & had 3 children, all sons. Alf jnr died 1999 in Torquay. There seems to be two families of Zouches, all with...