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    The Victors film

    I was watching a 1963 film 'The Victors' starring Eli Wallach, George Hamilton & George Peppard and in one of the scenes Peppard as a G.I. was waiting for a bus somewhere in England outside a row of Victorian terraced houses and when the single decker arrived it had 'Midland' in big letters...
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    New London Transport Buses

    I see that the new buses which are to operate in London, those with the open rear exits are to be made in Egypt of all places. What are we thinking of in this country to allow this to happen? I am sure that if they were still in business the best bus manufacturer in the country, the Washwood...
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    BCT Garages

    I have just picked up on this topic and hopefully the following will be of interest: In the mid 1950's there were 18 service garages in BCT ownership as follows : Selly Oak. Harborne, Quinton, Roseberry St, Hockley, Miller St, Wellhead Lane, Birchfield Road, Washwood Heath, Lea Hall, Highgate...
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    Birmingham Buses 1953

    Some photo's taken with my 'box brownie', two at Rednal featuring 2913 & 2956 the other with 2956. 2927 & 2604. The other one was taken at Bearwood terminus featuring 2227.