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    Bennett Family - Nechells

    I would be your second cousin as my dad would of been your cousin I have sent you a message through this forum but you never answer Irene had 3 sons and 2 daughters my dad was her eldest son and had 1 son and 4 daughters his next brother had 1 son and 1 daughter his one sister had 1 son and 1...
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    Davis alice

    This is all a bit sinister as my step grandfather was called Frederick Davis but he was born in India and lived with my nan until they married in 1975 he died in 1981
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    HANCOX' of Aston, Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield and Smethwick

    Hi I know this might not help but my great grandfather was Henry Edward Hancox I think he lived in Wheeler Street and was born in the the late 1800's I am also looking for information about him I think his wife was called Nellie my maiden name is Hancox
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    Hi I had an Uncle Frank Biddle he was a painter and decorator he had a shop in Slade Road Erdington he was married to my Auntie Jean they married in a church in Nechells they had 2 children Stephen and Helen I don't know my uncle Frank's date of birth but my may of some information about where...
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    Thank you I appreciate that
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    Thank you how do I get into free BMD
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    Thank you that may all be helpful I just need to find out if he married an Irene Bennett from 53 Mount Street Nechells
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    George Ravenhill

    George Ravenhill is my great great great grandfather and he won the Victoria Cross Carl Chinn has wrote a few things about George and so have others there was a spread about him in last Sunday's Sunday Mercury it makes my mom so proud as he is her great great grandfather I can even find things...
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    Hms Whirlwind

    Hi I am trying to find some information about my grandfather he was an Able Seaman on HMS Whirlwind his name was Edward Henry Hancox the last information I have is he is named on my father's birth certificate in 1935 and according to my mom my father's mother said his family were from the Alum...
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    Edward Henry Hancox I know he was married to a Irene Bennett and they had a son John Edward Hancox born 21st September 1935 after that there is no more information I would appreciate any help at all
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    Bennett Family - Nechells

    Hi my great grandfather was Thomas Bennett and I found him in 1912 in Mount street. Nechells any help
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    Hi I am looking for relatives of a Edward Henry Hancox he was an able seaman on HMS Whirlwind during WW11 I think his family were originally from Alum Rock but he married my nan in the parish of Duddeston and Nechells any information would be help full please
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    Bennett Family - Nechells

    Hi Geff You never know we may all be related I don't know my great grandfather's name just his wife name she was Ellen Bennett if you can find anything out I would be really interested thank you
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    Bennett Family - Nechells

    Hi I have just messaged Jakaan1 only just come on here my father was Rene Bennett's son John when I was a baby my mother and father looked Ellen Bennett when Uncle Norman lived there too so if you want to contact me here please feel free I would like to know if you have any thing on my great...
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    Bennett Family - Nechells

    Hello Jakann1 My name is Dawn I was known as Dawn Hancox my nan was Rene I knew your father and Uncle Norman and Uncle Teddy spent a lot of time with my dad who was Rene's son John Edward Hancox when he married my mother Beatrice on June 4th 1960 fir a couple if years when they had me and my...