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    Stephen Macdonald (1933-2009)

    The writer of the play 'Not About Heroes' which is about Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen, was brought up and educated in Birmingham. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_MacDonald
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    Paul Ready

    He plays, among many other parts, the hapless Kevin in 'Motherland.' Wikipedia describes him as from Birmingham, growing up in "the town of Harborne"!
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    Actor David Markham

    Not actually of Birmingham, but he spent time in Winson Green Prison as a Conscientious Objector during the Second World War. I was leafing through an anthology called 'Don't You Know There's A War On' by Jonathan Croall and found a chapter written by his wife Olive. It sounds pretty awful, but...
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    Inquest report

    Could someone remind me how to find the report of an inquest? An ancestor of my husband's was killed in an accident in Islington in 1928. I've found lots of newspaper reports of the accident, but we would like to know what actually happened. (That sounds a bit odd!)
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    Back In Time For The Corner Shop (BBC)

    Anyone watching this? It's the usual structure, a family travels through time, on this occasion running a corner shop in Sheffield. I don't think we really had a corner shop, though perhaps I just can't remember.
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    The Newcomers

    My memories of The Newcomers are very vague. I think Gladys Henson was in it?
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    Short film about the BSA factory

    It's on Talking Pictures TV at 7.00. p.m. today (probably at other times as well). It's about the annual Road Patrol and lasts 15 minutes.
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    Back In Time For School (BBC2)

    Did anyone see this, a series that started this week? They're using a school in Coventry, and the pupils and teachers are from the midlands. A bit of it was filmed at the Black Country Museum. It began in the 1890s with a class of fifteen! Surely fifty would have been more accurate, but harder...
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    Stechford In Bloom

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0b223m0/britain-in-bloom-series-1-12-stetchford I saw about three minutes of this, but it's on iPlayer.
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    Dessert Shops On Ladypool Road

    The first item on this programme is about dessert shops, a new thing, apparently. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09ztycd
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    First Visit

    I went there with my husband this week, and found it far more extensive than I'd imagined, with masses of exhibits. The volunteers are very knowledgeable and friendly, and spent a lot of time with us, helping us to make nibs (mine wasn't very good!). Has it always been where it is now? I have a...
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    David Lodge

    I've been reading his autobiography, in which he writes about coming to work at the university in the early 1960s (he's a Londoner). It's odd to think that this happened when I was at junior school, as he's one of my favourite novelists. We used to refer to places like Edgbaston as "the other...
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    Billy Bouncer books

    A relative who was a child in the 1930s had one of these Billy Bouncer books, I think not this one, though am not sure. Decades later I read it, and remember a story where Billy and his companions had an adventure that involved a golden box that looked like a jewelled Bath bun. I wondered if...
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    Mobile Phone Query

    I need to find a way of sending a text message from the web, if possible. I've been doing this for ages with my Orange account, but for some reason they're removing the ability to do that at the end of the month. I find it a lot easier to use my laptop keyboard then to bang the letters into the...
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    Topsy Jane

    I'd never heard of this actress untill seeing "The Loneliness of The Long Distance Runner," in which she played the hero's girl friend, on television last night. She had a very sad life...
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    Jeremy Brett

    His mother was a Cadbury, and his first school was in Balsall Common (sounds like a small private school). https://www.jeremybrett.info/factfile.html Maria
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    Woman's Hour Serial This Week

    I've only heard the odd minute, but it seems to be about an Edwardian vegetarian man who is walking from Land's End to John O'Groats (or the other way round) to promote the vegetarian way of life. In this morning's episode, the Birmingham Vegetarian Association was mentioned, which as a...
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    Auntie Cakes

    My great-aunt in Stechford was always known as Auntie. (Her husband was always known as Uncle. I don't know why). She often used to make small cakes with coconut, or coconut fairy cakes. When my nephew was little, he used to call them "Auntie cakes." Did anyone else have a relative who gave...
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    Radio 4 Programme About Chamberlain And His Umbrella

    The symbolism of his umbrella changed in relation to events vis-a-vis Germany. https://bbc.in/2aTDxic
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    Programme About The Midlands

    https://bbc.in/1VjM1mo This is actually a radio programme. I've only heard today's, but previous episodes can be iPlayered. maria