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    Lichfield Street, Birmingham

    That is brilliant, thank you so much. It looks like a couple of generations of my family were in the street through the 1800s so everyone's stories on here are really interesting.
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    Lichfield Street, Birmingham

    I hope someone might be able to help me - I have a relative as being listed in the trades at no.42 Lichfield Street in 1820/30 as a Victualler- so I'm either looking for a pub or shop selling alcohol. I've got a big list of pubs in this road but I can't narrow it down any further (I have found...
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    Death Certificate Details Required.

    Snap, that's the John Marklew I'm related to! He and Mary had a daughter Emma, who is my Great, great, great grandmother!
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    Death Certificate Details Required.

    This has been fascinating, thank you all for your Marklew contributions - I am discovering that I am related to Edward and Susannah, Ann and Edward & co, so thanks for sharing all of your stories, I love the assassination connection!
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    Crown Inn, Lower Tower Street. Birmingham.

    I also have relatives who are listed as being there in the 1870s, so thanks for bringing it up on this forum!