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    Ladbrooke House

    Does anyone have more info about this building 'Ladbrooke House'? It has been featured on the t.v programme 'Four in a bed', it is now called 'Ladbrooke Hotel' It is located in Bordesley street, Digbeth, opposite the old 'Typhoo Tea' factory.
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    Battery Power

    The news that a battery factory may be built in Coventry got me thinking. The use of batteries to power many things in our life is increasing rapidly. In the 50/60s I can only remember having a torch or a transistor radio that were battery powered. I have listed the items that I have today...
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    R.M.S Titanic

    I was given a book at Christmas ' R.M.S Titanic - Made in the Midlands' by Andrew P. B. Lound. The book is an informative read about the men, women and manufacturers who made parts for the 'Titanic'. Lots of information about anchors, chains, buttons, uniforms, cutlery, generators, whistles...
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    War photos collection

    Here's a link to a very interesting site covering WW1 and WW2. Lots of pics covering military life in genera and pics taken inside P.O.W camps. https://www.wartimememories.co.uk/
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    Forster Street

    I am looking for pics and/or maps about Forster street from the 1930's to the end of the second world war. I know Forster street is still in the Vauxhall area of Brum. Is it possible to find out who was living at an address in Birmingham post 1931 census? Thanks in anticipation.
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    Does anyone have any information on the factory that built Lancaster bombers at Bickenhill? It may have been an AVRO or Metro Cammell site.
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    Summer Lane

    Does anyone know what happened to the 'Summer Lane Arts and Heritage Centre'? What happened to the historical material about Summer Lane that had been collected? I am researching 308 Summer lane where the Arts centre was housed. Previous to this was the Coronet camera company and previuos to...
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    John Harrison

    Can anyone tell me anything about these three coins/paychecks? They are made of what appears to be Brass. Who was John Harrison?
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    Motorcycle Shops

    Where did you buy your motorcycles or spares from? I can remember the following: Vale-Onslow............ Stratford Road. Grays Wellington Road,........... Coventry Road. Aston Autos............. Aston Road North. Copes................. Hagley Road. Shovellbottams...
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    Double Zero Club

    Are there any old motorcyclists out there who remember The Double Zero Motorbike Club? The club was started in the late sixties by the Rev. Dave Collyer (whatever happened to him) at a church in (St. Basil's?) Heathmill lane Digbeth. I used to attend until about 1969/70 when I sold my...
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    Thames 15cwt I started at Bristol St Motors in 1966. First job I had was changing dozens of front indicator lens's from white to orange on the thames 15 cwt. The same year the Transit appeared
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    Commercial Vehicles

    I am loking for information about Fred Lewis transport who I think were in Miller St, Aston. F. Lewis Transport had a fleet of Commer trucks, these vehicles were fitted with a Two Stroke 3 cylinder diesel engine and the made a most wonderful rasping sound when the were under load. I was in...