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    Barnbys Toy Shop

    I'm looking for information about Barnbys Toy Shop, who owned it and any pictures at all. Thanks
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    Electoral Look up please, Pershore Road

    Hi Please could someone have a look at the electoral rolls for 199 Pershore Road, a couple of years before and after 1901. Any information would be gratefully received! Thanks gingerninja.
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    Lodge Hill Cemetary Communial Graves abt 1909

    I am looking for information at the Communial Graves at Lodge Hill Cemetary around 1909, my Great Great Grandmother is buried there? Any information would be gratefully received! thanks gingerninja
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    Union Street 1900's

    I would like to find a map which pinpoints Union Street around the 1900's on. My Great Great Grandfather, William George Jones, Stonemason had a small lock up shop at no 16 Union Street, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks gingerninja
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    Union Street Smethwick

    I am looking for information ot pictures from about the year 1900, my Great Great Grandfather William George Jones, Stonemason looked as though he owned a small lock up shop at 16 Union Street, I have looked up the 1901 and 1911 census and it is just shown as a lock up shop. Any information...
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    Capper Or Jones Stone Mason, Hope St

    HI am searching to find if a William Capper/Jones owned a Monumental Stone Mason Yards in Hope Street from the late 1800's to early 1900's, he also had a son George whom possible carried on the trade. Any information would be very welcome. Thanks gingerninja
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    Still searching for GT GT Grandmother and GT Aunt's Buriels.

    Hi, I am still searching for the possible buriels site of My GT Aunt Alice Champken nee Jones died 1910 Summer Lane and a Sarah Jones Capper died 1909 Ashley Street. Any help would be gratefully received. Regards gingerninja
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    Searching for Lilly Jones

    I am trying to trace a Great Aunt, Lilly Jones or Lilly Capper. Her last known address was 4 Richmond Terrace, Ashley Street. She was not there in 1918. The head of the family was a Sarah Jones showing in directories up untill 1918. Lilly was there on the 1911 census. Any help would be...
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    Royal Garrison Artillery- George H Capper

    Thanks for all the help given on tracing informtion on my whom I think is my Gt Uncle. If he was serving in the Royal Garrison Artillery, where about would he have been based. His address was Benacre Street Birmingham, he was discharged in 1919. His medal records states Gunner but I have also...
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    Help needed

    I have been given this information from the 1918 Absent Voter list, could somebody tell me what the letters in bold could mean??? George Henry Capper 53 Benacre Street 48133 Gnr HASDRGA. Thanks gingerninja
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    1918 Absent Voters Look Up please

    Please could someone have a look for a George Capper in the Absent Volets list, please last known address in 1911 is Ashley Street. Thanks very much. gingerninja
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    Electoral roll look please Jones and Capper

    I am trying to find where a Lilly Jones and George Capper are living. In 1912/1913 they were living at 4 Ricmond Terrace Ashley Street, Sarah Jones mother was head although she had died. They were not there in 1918, but after that I can't seem to find them. Any information on where they...
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    Marriage look up please Parry and Jones

    I m trying to find out information about a marriage of a William Parry to a Lily Jones, she was born in 1876, Kings Lynn her parents were Sarah and Thomas, a step father was a William Capper. In 1911 she was living at 4 Richmond Terrace Ashley Street. but she had left this address by 1918. I...
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    Lilly Jones

    I am trying to find out if my Gt Aunt was still living at 4 Richmond Terrace Ashley Street in 1913 and 1915. Her name was Lilly Jones also living there was George Capper and William Champken. They were all there in 1911. Thanks Gingerninja
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    Walter Baker Photographer

    I am researching Walter Baker photographer, I have a picture of MY GT GT Grandmother, I don't know the year it was taken but on the it is ' Walter Baker' 159 Moseley Road, can find him in 1891 in Gladstone Road. In 1901 the Holland family occupied 159 Moseley Road, the youngest daughter was a...
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    Safety Pin Assistant

    Can anyone tell me what a Safety Pin Assistant would do. My GT Aunt in 1891 Birmingham, living in Claybrooke Street was one. Whereabouts in Birmingham would it be carried out. I know what a safety pin is, just seems a strange occupations, probably not in 1891 though. Thanks gingerninja
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    Coventry Road - China & Glass Dealer

    I am trying to find out about a China and Glass Dealer on the Coventry Road in Birmingham around 1911. It was owned by Benjamin Gee and Rosa/Rose Gee nee Jones (my Gt aunt). Where about was the shop on the Coventry Road are there any photos of the area. May thanks Gingerninja
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    Richmond Terrace Ashley Street

    I would be very grateful if anyone can pin point the location of 4 Richmond Terrace in Ashley Street. I know that the Jones/Capper family were living there in 1909 - 1911. Many Thanks
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    Buriels for Sarah Capper Jones and Alice Champken

    This is my first time on the forum and I am hoping the somebody can help help find out where my ancestors are buried. My GT GT Grandmother, Sarah Capper Jones of Jones Capper died on the 16th December 1909 at 4 Richmond Terrace, Ashley Street aged 60. She also lived in Claybrook Street (1891)...