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    Tavern In The Town late 60's

    Did anyone use the Tavern In The Town in New St late 60's? Around the juke box in the corner was the the place to meet.
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    School Board Man

    Does anyone remember the dreaded "School Board Man"? He would come round to your house to find out why you hadn't been to school without a doctors note. I'd roll up at home at 4.30 pretending I had been to school, only for my mom to tell me the School Board Man had been looking for me, and she...
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    Toy shop on monument rd.

    Does anyone remember a toyshop on Monument Rd just a couple of doors up from Shakespeare Rd, late 50's perhaps. I remember the owner was possibly Hungarian or Polish. The shop was full of fabulous toys which we could never afford, but I think I bought a pea shooter and plastic soldiers from there.
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    Cinema in Ledsam St Ladywood

    Does anyone have any pictures or information on the above cinema. I think it was called the Regent (or flea pit to the customers).
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    Aston Villa Old Stars

    The Aston Villa Old Stars team was established in 1960 and has played between twenty and twenty-five fundraising matches in every year since throughout the UK, in Ireland, the Channel Islands, Cyprus, Holland, France, Spain and Germany. AVOS 50th Anniversary ‘showcase’ fixture This match will...
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    Sandpits old persons home

    Does anyone remember an old peoples home (men only I think) near the Sandpits/Summerhill? I vaguely remember an old man that used to ride a full size three-wheeler bike and he wore a collarless jacket before the Beatles. I used to see him anywhere between Springhill and "Town". If it was a men...