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    Balsall Heath.

    Hello Stew, Tim. Just wondering if either of you recall Horace Harward and his daughter Dorothy, who lived at 40 Tillingham Street? Dorothy was a cousin of mine. Her grandparents had first moved into number 40 in 1907. Horace was a secret communist and used to correspond regularly with contacts...
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    Paynes shoe repairs

    Hi there This is a pic of John Mead outside his shoe repair shop at 7 Edward Road, Balsall Heath, in 1906/07. Mead's was acquired by Paynes in, I think, 1943. John Mead was my GG uncle. In the picture with him are his eldest daughter, Bertha Eliza Mead, and his father, George Adolf Alexander...
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    John Mead's Shoe Shop, 7 Edward Road B12

    Thsnk you. 1943 is an important year in the Mead family as that's when John's youngesr sister died,;leaving her husbsnd and their 21-year old daughter in George Mead's former house.
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    John Mead's Shoe Shop, 7 Edward Road B12

    Oh wow, thank you? John Mead died in 1947 and I have not yet figured out until when he kept the shop. Any idea when Paynes tok it over?
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    John Mead's Shoe Shop, 7 Edward Road B12

    Thanks Lynn. Today really has been a great day!
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    John Mead's Shoe Shop, 7 Edward Road B12

    Thanks to Val at Balsall Heath Local History Society, here is a pic of John Mead's shoe shop at 7 Edward Road circa 1906/7. I did not know this pic existed until today. John, my gr gr uncle, is in the doorway with his eldest daughter Bertha Eliza, my first cousin twice removed. The man to the...
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    Stratford Road

    Hi Tim I know this is an old post but I hope you are still on the Forum? Just wondering if you remember a Mr Horace Harward who lived at 40 Tillingham STreet. His wife, Bertha, had sadly passed away in 1943. They had a daughter, Dorothy, who lived with her father until he passed away in 1963...
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    Henry Street Balsall Heath

    Also, if you look at the map, the two parts of Oldfield Road are not aligned. It may be that the shorter, western section was built later and then the two parts joined together?
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    Henry Street Balsall Heath

    Hi Mike Thank you so much, this is all starting to make sense now. I really, really appreciate your time! Benjamin Nash at 50 Oldfield Road. Is there any way of telling whether he was a shopkeeper who lived at 50 Oldfield Road, or whether 50 Oldfield Road was actually a shop? My gr gr...
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    Henry Street Balsall Heath

    Excellent, thank you so much! Carl Chinn talks of Oldfield Road 'absorbing' Henry Street in the 1890s. I'm wondering if the blank bit of Henry Street was named Oldfield Road when it was built and the whole street then re-named Oldfield Road. I would like to be clear as my rellies said they...
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    Henry Street Balsall Heath

    Hello all. Henry Street was merged with Oldfield Road sometime in the 1890's. Does anyone have any information on the exact location of Henry Street, please? Do any relevant documents survive? Also, any information on when and why this merger took place, and any impact on the house numbering...
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    1845 Handsworth

    I will send you details next week when I am back from vacation in Germany.
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    1845 Handsworth

    Hi Peter Thanks for your message. Apologies, I had the wrong Fishers! John Fis(c)her was German Immigrant and was actually married to Mary Ann Downes. Their daughter, Eliza Fisher, was married to George Mead (real name Martin Georg Adolf Konrad Meyer), himself another German immigrant. What I...
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    Turner's Arms

    Hi Tim. How interesting. My family lived at 40 Tillingham Street - Horace and Bertha Harward and their daughter Dorothy. Horace died in 1963 and Dorothy moved away at that time. I don't suppose you remember them at all? BW Alexander
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    When Everyone Wore A Hat...

    Hi Tim. Interesting stuff! Which number Tillingham Street did you live at? I am trying to uncover more information on the Mead/Harward family that lived at number 40 until 1963. Thanks
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    king family 64 Ladypool Road 1930s

    Thanks. I think he was using Meades as an alias to try and throw the authorities off his scent in a period of rabid Germanophobia.
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    Germans In Birmingham During World War 1

    Thank you! Most interesting.
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    Germans In Birmingham During World War 1

    am trying to tease out any stories about my great great grandparents, George and Eliza Mead, who lived at 40 Tillingham Street, Starkbrook, during World War 1. George was born in Hannover, Eliza was born in Birmingham but was German by marriage. They had been married since 1872. Does anyone...
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    Tillingham Street Birmingham 11

    Thank you very much, Tim. Most interesting, you have a really good memory! The next generation of Meads was still at number 40 in 1939, although I suspect, by then, the family's "Germanness" had been forgotten. I am researching hard to find any stories of how George and Eliza were treated by...