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    8 Carlton Avenue

    Hi Alberta.I've tryed that but the one of there house is not coming up i can't remember who posted it for me but thank you.Irene x
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    That's where my Nan & Grandad lived the top end of Carlton Avenue the end house on the left they had chickens in the garden x
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    8 Carlton Avenue

    Hi Could someone help me please i'm looking for my Nan & Grandads house Kate & Arthur Lagoe from the 1960s 8 Carlton Avenue it was off Clifford Street.A few years back someone kindly put it on here but i've been all through and can't find it anywhere.I would really appreciate it if someone can...
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    Laurel cottages, Trevor St

    Thank you so much. Irene
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    Laurel cottages, Trevor St

    Hi Pete.Sorry i dont know it's my cousin's Grandparents who lived there. Irene
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    Laurel cottages, Trevor St

    Hi has anyone got photos of Number 6 Laurel Cottages Trevor Street Nechells 1926.Thanks Irene
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    Trevor Street Nechells

    Thanks Lyn x
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    Trevor Street Nechells

    Hi Has anyone got photos of Trevor Street Nechells 1930.Thanks Irene
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    Help Needed Please Florence & John Williams

    Hi Lyn.Thanks I will order John's death certificate.
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    Help Needed Please Florence & John Williams

    Thank You All So Much I Really Appreciate It.Is There Any Photos Of Trevor Street In The 1940s Irene
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    Help Needed Please Florence & John Williams

    Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it.I wonder if you can help me with this Florence and John had a son John Williams born 1914 died 1925 age 11 there was talk that he either drowned or jumped from a bedroom window ?????.Thanks Irene
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    Help Needed Please Florence & John Williams

    Hi All.I was wondering if someone could help me please..Could someone tell me if Florence Williams(Harper maiden name ) Born 1887 Died 1935 age 48 was living at the same address has John Thomas Williams when Florence died? John was born 1892 Died 1965 age 73 in Coalville Leicestershire.But I...
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    goldingay family

    Hi Di.I'm so sorry to hear about Christopher x
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    Devon street

    My friend Margaret Carter lived in Devon Street her parents name were Kath and Chris she has a brother Barry and a sister Carol...St Annes was my junior school.We lived in Inkerman Street
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    Hughes Biscuits

    My sister Pamela Floyd worked at Hughes early 70s.Irene
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    Looking for Inquests Kathleen Bradbury

    Hi Phill.Kathleen Bradbury is my best friends mother her name is Sue she has asked me to ask you if you have any info on her mom she would appreciate if you could let her know has she was only 6 when her mom died and has been trying for years to find anything out about her.Sue(Middleton) is on...
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    Moor End Lane School

    Can't see the photo's my sisters and brothers went to Moor End The Floyd's
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    Castle Vale

    I live on Castle Vale been here for 35 years and in the same house.I wouldn't move from here
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    Cowper Street

    Your Welcome x