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    A House Through Time

    It's really interesting, and I also wish the same!
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    That does sound terrifying.
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    Fabulous! All those people wearing hats...and the tea urn was a nice touch, very thoughtful. The lifts jogged my memory as well.
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    I've heard it mentioned by relatives.
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    Crossroads programme

    Both eccentric characters - must be something about being a chef!
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    Crossroads programme

    Sandor Eles, who played Paul Ross, turned up in an episode of Upstairs, Downstairs (Desirous of Change, 1973) a couple of days ago. He played an Austrian con man, and wasn't recognisable as he had long hair or more probably was wearing a wig.
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    Greys Department Store

    Kayser Bonda - a name from the past! A relative worked there in Stevenage or somewhere around there.
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    Stephen Macdonald (1933-2009)

    The writer of the play 'Not About Heroes' which is about Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen, was brought up and educated in Birmingham. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_MacDonald
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    NewStreet Station 1967

    It triggered a memory for me too, I think, but it's vague.
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    Rackhams Store

    I think my memories start a bit later. Love the plants and cascading water - it must have seemed magical.
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    The Peace Centre

    Sorry, meant to say thanks for the photo!
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    The Peace Centre

    That looks about right, I think. I wonder what the story is behind its demise.
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    Paul Ready

    He plays, among many other parts, the hapless Kevin in 'Motherland.' Wikipedia describes him as from Birmingham, growing up in "the town of Harborne"!
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    Orange juice from the welfare in the 1950s

    I think that was the clinic where my sister used to take my nephew. I went with them a couple of times, and seem to remember a rocking horse.
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    Peaky Blinders - A world away from Downton!

    I had no idea she was ill. Only a few weeks ago (it seems, but perhaps it was longer) she was on Desert Island Discs.
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    Good grief!
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    Birmingham museum and art gallery.

    I saw an interesting lecture on the Jewellery Quarter last week, which will probably turn up on the next monthly pass.
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    The teachers sound dreadful.
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    Then & Now

    I think it was on a corner, yes, come to think of it.
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    Then & Now

    Used to live quite near there. I think it was close to a house that was at one time a wool shop, and at another time an off-license.