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  1. Paul Higgins

    Sculptures in Birmingham

    Found this- https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Sculptures_in_Birmingham Probably not comprehensive, but should be of interest. Sorry if it's already been posted- I did do a search! If it has been posted before, feel free to remove the thread. I won't bite!
  2. Paul Higgins

    Laptops - impproving battery life and performance.

    1.Charge and discharge a new laptop battery about 3 times. This allows it to calibrate correctly and you will get a more accurate battery reading. 2.Buy laptops or new batteries with at least 6 cells- they hold a greater charge and thus last longer. 3.Remove the battery when running from...
  3. Paul Higgins

    To those who gave thier all...

    To those who sacrificed their all, their future, their humanity, so that we would not have to. For those who knew fear, but sought victory for our sakes regardless. To those left behind, whose loss is unimaginable and to those yet to make the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf I offer you in...
  4. Paul Higgins

    Erdington War Memorial

    Hi there, gang. Do any of you well versed Brummies know of a war memorial in Erdington? Was there one that has now gone? Thanks muchly.
  5. Paul Higgins

    Cranby Street Saltley

    Do any of you folks have any information, in particular photo's I can download of this street? Even the old gas works, any stories of the surrounding area. I was born there but have no pics. Couldn't afford cameras in those days! Anything before the old Victorian back-to-backs were pulled down...
  6. Paul Higgins

    Pype Hayes

    Pype Hayes Hi. Pogmalion. Not often I see Pype Hayes posted anywhere! I lived there in Varley Road from 1957 to 1980 when I moved to 'Twilight' Tamworth. Where in Pype Hayes did you live? Be interesting to see if our time there 'overlapped' and we have any memories to share.