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    Graham Lovett RIP

    Just heard Graham Lovett ex WBA and Sheldon Heath Comp died. I remember him at school, great player.
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    Stour St Ladywood

    As I have had a few days to myself recently I decided to go through some old documents relating to my deceased father. One of these is a form indicating he was transferred to the Army Reserve in 1946. This gives his address as Park Place, Stour St, Ladywood, Birmingham. Anyone have an idea...
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    Henley in Arden WW1 Hospital

    Just saw a news item on BBC1 concerning the WW1 Hospital in Henley in Arden. Does anyone know where it is located please? thanks
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    Stan Crowther

    I read earlier this week that Stan Crowther has passed away. He was a member of the Aston Villa team that last won the FA cup in 1957. The next season, he was signed by Manchester United and played for them in the FA cup even though he had a played in the competition for Villa. This was due to...
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    Help with Good Conduct Stripes

    Following help from various members of BHF I have been able to confirm the attached picture is of my Great Grandfather Thomas Brickell, and that he died after being gassed in 1916. He was 46 when he died and we believe he had served in the 2nd Boer War. Can anyone provide information concerning...
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    Britain's Great War

    I have just watched first episode of the excellent BBC series Britain's Great War. Amazing film footage. Anyone know where these came from? Looking forward to next three.
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    Google Chrome Scrollbar problem

    We have had a problem with the small arrows using the Vertical Scrollbars in Google Chrome. It is annoying trying to move down screens. I have found a solution but I am concerned it might be just on our Laptops. Is anybody else having this problem? It is only on Google Chrome.
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    JF Kennedy where were you 50 years ago tonight

    Just wondering how many people remember where they were 50 years ago tonight when JFK was assassinated. It is reckoned everyone that was alive can remember. I was 15 and my parents and sister had gone to a dance at the Birmingham Transport (buses) social club In the city centre. I was alone when...
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    World War 1 family query

    Can anyone help please? I posted a request for advice on looking up information on my family and a member of this forum not only offered advice but actually spent time finding out details for which I am very grateful. However, this has raised several interesting queries, the biggest being...
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    turks head bloomsbury street

    Can anyone help please?e rd My grandparents ran the Turks Head I believe during the second world war and were called Neville. My grandmother then ran the outdoor in Holt Rd witton. Does anyone have pics or remember them? Any information appreciated especially when they actually took over. thanks
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    Can anyone help please? My father was from Sandpits - Birmingham and was born in 1920. I believe he was in the Royal Engineers after being called up in 1939 and I believe demobbed after 1945 and I know he worked on PLUTO on the Isle of Wight. Does anyone have information especially a map of...