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  1. roger a

    Where is This? Pubs # 8

    I think its The Broadway.
  2. roger a

    Bull Ring Shops

    Hi Terrace wasn,t the menswear shop called Nelson House? don,t know what the record shop was called.
  3. roger a

    Ward End

    Ive been reading a book called" Ward End from ancient times to the present day"wrote by Ken Govier.its quite a good read.I think you can only buy it in the Ward End area well worth £6. best wishes.
  4. roger a

    where is this? (Birmingham?) #5

    Hi Peter hows it going that looks like Drayton Manor to me. Best wishes Roger
  5. roger a

    The turks head...closed

    my daughter lives opp it and it was open last night.it was shut for painting but it is open again now best wishes
  6. roger a

    Old tv programmes

    does anybodie remember the show they made about a fishing club in Small Heath.I think they used the roost pub by the blues ground and i think the star of the show was the chap who was married to Jill in Crossroads.It would of been in the early 80s.theres one to pick the bones from.Best Wishes
  7. roger a

    old central news clip

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w46XpwoHa0A&feature=related cant get over how young bob is.
  8. roger a

    Typhoo Tea Bordesley Street Digbeth

    it was just off Fazeley street but typoo bay is in fazeley st iv a picture somwhere ill upload it when i find it.73 de roger (m3aom)
  9. roger a

    Where and When.

    Hi Peter Hows it going?im afraid its not ward end there was a iron fence round the bottom end of ward end park and there is also a wall at the bottom end about 3ft high.it looks like cannon hill to me.
  10. roger a

    Anyone know this one?

    ive heard the saying "You,ve got the luck of the pox doctor"
  11. roger a

    Astoness ( lyn )

    i was very sorry to hear about your sad loss my thoughts are with you.god bless
  12. roger a


    Im a Adkins but we came from the Edgebaston area of birmingham.Best Wishes with your research
  13. roger a

    The Bull

    Hi all somebody told me this pub never used to be called The Bull.Wonder What It Used to be called?Its On Price Street.
  14. roger a

    Citizen's Band Radio

  15. roger a

    Citizen's Band Radio

  16. roger a

    The Britannia Lichfield Road Aston

    cheers Pedro now i know.
  17. roger a

    The Britannia Lichfield Road Aston

    What the hell is a Shisha bar?
  18. roger a

    Citizen's Band Radio

    hi Pete i remember that shop Keith used to run it (he was a a lad he was).its now a video game shop run by Keiths son sence he died.Best Wishes Roger 73s and 88s.By the way i was also on cb in the 70s my Handle was Radar and i used to run a Cb club at the country girl pub saltley.
  19. roger a

    The Clock Garage has Stopped

    Hi all The Clock site as been obtained by WEATHERSPOONS PUB CHAIN so i suppose they are going to turn it into a pub bet they call it the clock me thinks.
  20. roger a

    Canals of Birmingham

    Hi Peter its me hows it going didn,t know you was on this one.seasons greetings.Roger