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    Hovel Jerry’s Lane Erdington

    I have just picked up this thread, The Hovel was originally in the grounds of Joe Batemans plant nursery, he used it as a potting shed for many years. My father Fred Illingworth (47 Glendon Rd. ) was a friend of his and we used to buy cut flowers off him as well as seedlings. This was in the...
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    Court Farm Primary Tedbury Crescent School Erdington

    Hi Barry I have been living in Newcastle upon Tyne since 1975, moved the family up here ( Elaine, Mark & Scott ) with my work as the steel tube representative for TI., looking over the interests of the Steel Tube Division who where supplying steel tubing to the power industries, fossil and...
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    Court Farm Primary Tedbury Crescent School Erdington

    Hi Again Here is a list of names, of pupils that I remember where in our class ( I Think ) Ginnet Spencer, Hazel Soden, Roger Ralph, Dave Smith, Dave Illingworth, John Hurdman, Brian Arthur, Brenda Smith, Carol McGeown, Pauline Hacket, Dianne Shelly, Jim Foley, Roy Brannigan, Jim Bailey, Joey...
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    Coffee Bars:

    No, Milk Bars where a wartime invention and were popular until the mid to late 50's. I used to go every week to the one in Erdington high street by the butchers, that was just past the funeral home looking towards 6 ways. Coffee bars started in the mid 50,s and one of the first was the Jungle at...
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    Court Farm Primary Tedbury Crescent School Erdington

    Hi, I have just come across this photo and can confirm that the one dressed as Sir Walter Raleigh is me Dave Illingworth. The photo was taken in 1953 as many of us had the costumes made for street parties held for the Coronation (a very wet day). The photo was taken I think as a Christmas...
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    dance halls

    Myself and friends used to go to the The Carlton, The Queens Head, The Palace Dance, coming from Erdington we needed to go nowhere else really, most bands appeared at one or the other and we had some pretty good band in the Erdington area. Sometimes we went to the Say- Moma in Sutton, saw the...
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    Coffee Bars:

    Does anyone remember the coffee bar on the east corner of Broad Street and Bridge Street, virtually facing the 'Hungry Man' pub on the other side of Broad Street. The pub was demolished in the early sixty,s Dill
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    Lost Birmingham Pubs

    What about the 'Hungry Man' pub in Broad Street, it was virtually opposite Gas Street. Gone now of course, but I do remember underage drinking there, on a Saturday night, in the early 60's with school friends, Fred Hill, Bunny Shepherd, a lad named Leo and myself ( I was called Dill aka. Dave...
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    Coffee Bars:

    Hi Sparkstopper, I remember the El Torro coffee bar, it was located between Woolworths and the old Milk Bar, around where the Funeral parlour is now I believe,I put 6d. in the juke box and chose Rebel Rock by Tommy Steel, Goodnight Mrs. Flintstone by the Piltdown Men and Guitar Boogie Shuffle by...