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    Lost Trophies of Birmingham industrial fire brigades.

    During the 1970s I worked at the Triplex Safety Glass Kings Norton and was a member of the works volunteer fire service. On Sunday mornings I would attend training sessions at the Morris Commercial factory at ward end. At the end of 8 weeks we would sit an exam and await our results , once the...
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    Recording our personal history

    What I like about this site is we can ramble on about our memories good,bad,funny and hopefully leave a record for those that follow,how I wish I had questioned my parents friends parents aunts uncles all the pre war people I came into contact with and kept a written record of their vast and...
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    Wolesley or Morris Commercial fire brigades

    Hi there, can anybody help me with information about Wolesley or Morris Commercial fire brigades, at Ward end or Adderly st. Somebody has recently contacted me seeking information about an Austin Gypsy fire tender that he believes was used at a BMC plant in Birmingham, possibly Wolesley or...
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    Outer circle Motorcycle run 1960's

    Can anybody remember this run not sure what month of the year it was run in. We used to stand on the car park of the Billesley pub where the bikes came in to park up for a rest. It was great to see all of those old bikes all in running order and listen to tales of rusting wrecks rescued from...