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    Adoption In 1942

    Hello folks, I am trying to help a friend find out exactly which children's home he might have been placed in 1942 before his adoption. He was born in Coleshill & his birth was registered in Meriden, his birth family would have been Church of England. I know this is a long shot but it always...
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    Help With A Ww1 Mystery Please...

    Hi, I know that my GF Samuel Hale, was in the RWR during WWI (I also know that I cannot find his record because they may well be in the "burnt records"). I know he received medals. By chance (a lucky chance) I found a small mention of him on FMP being on a sick & injured list - not so lucky for...
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    Queens Head Pub Icknield Port Road...

    By chance when looking online for info on the Pickering branch of my tree, I happened upon my Susannah Pickering & her will: Her address was given as The Queens Head, 251 Icknield Port Road. She died 28/08/1957 & her effects were left to her son William H H Pickering who was a Licenced...
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    Cost Of Bmd Certificates ?

    Hi, it has been a while since I bought any BMD Certs from B'ham Register office. Can I ask what is the the cost of certificates now & do I still need to enclose a SAE? Thank you, Skylark.
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    Messaging ‘Conversations’ function

    FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON MESSAGING ANOTHER MEMBER PLEASE GO TO POST #52 I have forgotten how to send a PM to a fellow member - can anyone point me in the right direction please ???
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    Baptism: what did the vicar write...

    Hi, I have found a baptism at St Clements, Nechells, (on Ancestry) & I cannot decipher what the vicar has written beneath the address of Garrison Lane, Aston. 6th August 1875 page 56 no: 446. Baptism for JANE MINCHIN, Parents Charles & Catherine Minchin, Garrison Lane, Aston...then comes an...
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    Electoral Roll lookup, please: GODDARD

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can kindly have a look on the electoral roll please for the following couple. THOMAS GODDARD & LEAH GODDARD: This couple married 03/02/1917. At that time their address was 13, Albert Terrace, Wheeler Street. Any sighting of them will be very much appreciated. Thank...
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    QUARANC in Singapore post WW2..

    Hi, I am helping a lady with her family history & her main interest is her aunt who she believes was a Qaranc - possibly post WW2 in Singapore helping to nurse POW's back to health. Sadly I do not have any access to the sites that may help to pinpoint if this info is correct. Is there anyone...
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    Brough: Tailors & Drapers

    I wonder if someone would be kind enough to look for the following 2 Tailors please: William Brough (living in THORP STREET) & his son ROBERT BROUGH (Ann Street) Thank you so much, Margaret.
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    John Brough 1794 - 1803? St Martin's

    Hello again, I have found the baptism 01/01/1795 in St Martin's for JOHN BROUGH son of William & Ann Brough of Thorp Street. I also have a date in my notes that John died in 1803.....but I would really appreciate a confirmation of this death if that is possible....certainly other children of...
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    HARRIS: John & Mabel: Electoral Roll Lookup please;

    Hello folks, I wonder if someone will be kind enough to look for the following couple please? They married in 1924 @ St Andrew's Small Heath. The address for the Groom was 22, Cherrywood Road. The bride lived @ "The Royal George" Tilton Road....so I wonder where else they lived post 1924 ? JOHN...
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    Naval casualties in WW1 ??

    Hi, I have just discovered a relative who died in WW1 on HMS "Ardent" when the ship was attacked in 1916, so I know a small amount about him (he was 26) & his name is on the Navy memorial in Chatham, Kent. Does anyone know of a site that might give me details of his signing up papers etc ? I...
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    1881 Map of Inge Street

    Hello folks, I wonder if anyone has an 1881 map of INGE STREET (Back to Back fame) I have someone living at number 9 on the 1881 census.. plus more family living at House 8 Court 11 INGE STREET on the same census. I was wondering how close these addresses were to the actual Back to Backs @...
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    Electoral Roll lookup please: HENSTOCK

    Evening all ! I wonder if I could request a lookup on the electoral rolls for the following couple please? They married in 1920 & I am assuming that they remained in the Birmingham area. WILLIAM GEORGE HENSTOCK & NELLIE HENSTOCK. I think I may have found the death for Wm Geo...
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    HILL FAMILY: Electoral Roll Please. 1911 onwards.

    Hello folks, I have found the following couple on the 1911 census & I am hoping that they were still around in Birmingham for a few more years. If anyone can have a looksee for them I would be most grateful...
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    Baptism: 22/07/1776 St Martins

    Hello, I have found a baptism on IGI, 22/07/1776 @ St Martin's that fits in with a chap I am trying to trace. JOHN OTTEY, parents are William & Jane Ottey. I appreciate that there will not be much info on the baptism records...but I might be lucky if there are other children belonging to this...
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    Vyse Street JEWELLERS??

    I wonder if anyone can tell me how many (& names if possible) Jewellery factories there were in VYSE STREET around 1910 Please?? Many thanks, Margaret.
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    HARRIS ALBERT Electoral Roll lookup please: after 1911

    Would someone be kind enough to look for the following couple please? ALBERT HARRIS & EMILY HARRIS. Address in 1911 was 35, Cobham Road, Saltley, Birmingham. Very many thanks, Margaret.
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    Strickley Electoral Roll lookup please:(part 2)

    Hello again, I am now on the trail of another branch of the large Strickley clan. CHARLES RICHARD & IRENE STRICKLEY. They married in 1929 & Charles Richard died in 1942. NOTE: Following the death of Charles Richard I think that Irene remarried Thomas H Johnson in 1943 so any trace of...
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    STRICKLEY Electoral Roll lookup please:

    Hello folks, I wonder if someone would be kind enough to look for the following on the 1950 Electoral Roll please? ERNEST & HELGA STRICKLEY. Many Thanks, Margaret.