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    rose h hands

    rose mcglyn hands ded 1913 her daughter died as a child cant find her death registra bham as no record of the childs death can any one help please regads linda
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    Jerome Photographers, Birmingham

    When i was young no one had cameras. They all had portraits done at Jeromes ect. If they could afford them What happened to any archives of this studio and any others such as N.F.Griffiths,24 Hubert street,Aston Birmingham, 6 . PHone aston 4002. Also John Grosvenor, 120 school road, Moseley...
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    lap top help

    hi i have lost my refresh and the 2 arrows for going back on the top of my lap top can you help please regards linda
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    i all ways went to a record shop every saturday it was named greens on the stratford road by the church any one rember it:handshake:
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    the adelaide stores

    i know my mother & father ran a shop in erskine street be for the war the war started and they had to give it up can any one help there names were william hands & agnes hands nee cheshire
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    i am looking for any benzing living in and around birmingham my gggrandfather married a maria benzing regards linda
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    looking for samuel yeomans abt 1890 gertrude yeomans nee davis 1897 samuel yeomans abt 1920 rose yeomans edward yeomans 1910 ? roy yeomans 1940 ? brian yeomans 1943 cant find them on any census regards linda
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    david hopkins

    hi could you find my uncles fruit shop in balsall heath he was a small man he was well known all about baslall heath and the town with his horse and cart he was known as caggie as he was left handed his wilf was jessiahe had abt 7 or 8 children regards linda
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    rose hannah hands

    i am looking for rose hannah hands born 1913 birmingham she died very young have been look for her death in birmingham & can't find it can any one help regards linda
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    thank you

    what a great site i am back every day linda 1941 birmingham
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    i am looking for samuel yeomans my aunty gertrude yeomans nee davis any bmd would help they married in 1914
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    hopkins david

    dose any one know anything about my uncle david hopkins and aunty jess thay had a shop in think in gooch street he was a character with his horse and cart all round balsall heath he could not read or write but was a very good business man regards linda
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    davis family

    mary ann morgan married james davis 1888 they are only in one census in the name of david they had children named james samuel alfred gertrude jessica befor 1900 i know they lived in and around bromsgrove street in birmingham why are they in no census at all i have been looking for them for 2...
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    mary ann morgan married james davis in 1888 can only find 1 in the census but the name is david why are they in no other census i know they lived in & around bromsgrove street can any one out there please help been trying to find them on a census for 2 years names of children are james samuel...
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    samuel morgan

    new to this site trying to find the birth of my ggandfather born 1830 saint martins need the parish record as birmingham bmd have no records untill 1837 could some very kind person help regards linda parry