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    Marshall street

    Hi all could anyone give me any information on Marshall street in Aston,I just received a PDF this morning from GRO and apparently my great grandparents were living there when one of their Children was born in 1887 many thanks
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    Dudley Road

    Hi I am wondering if any one knows about the Union workhouse and infirmary in Dudley Road,I have had just had a pdf email from Gov uk regarding my grandfathers death,luckily this time it’s the right one after three try’s ,any way he lived at 55 Bissell Road but apparently died at 88 Dudley...
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    Carriage wheel

    Hi my grandparents both worked as carriage wheel makers before they were married,would anyone know where the factory for that was in Birmingham. Thanks
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    Oldfield Road

    I am a new member so finding my way around the forum,I was just wondering if any body here had any photos or info on Oldfield Road,I believe it was in Sparkbrook. Thanks