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  1. anthea

    Can anyone identify or make any educated guesses about this gentleman?

    My thoughts are - that the photograph dates 'perhaps' from the Victorian or maybe Edwardian times. Looking at the hair and beard and also the patterned shirt. No hint of a uniform as far as I can see.
  2. anthea

    Birmingham Vagrants and characters

    So sad....
  3. anthea

    Parry ancestors

    Hello, Elijah Parry married Ruth Bracey in 1839; Elijah was a Carriage Lamp manufacturer. His father Joseph was a Brazier. Elijah's father Joseph, married Pheobe Handle in 1808 at the parish church, Edgbaston, which would be St Bartholomew's church. Their son, Elijah was born in 1817. Joseph...
  4. anthea

    Photo of my Mom in Brum somewhere. Anyone know where?

    Hello Limes, Just a guess, but maybe that is St Philip's Cathedral in the background and maybe your Mom is in Rackhams? Anthea
  5. anthea

    Suffragettes In Birmingham

    Thank you Pedrocut - a very interesting contribution.
  6. anthea


    SteveBhx, attachment 153066 which shows 189 Corporation Street and Ruskin Chambers, I think that Ruskin Chambers was number 191 which is where I as a young girl of fifteen years old went to The New Era College to learn Business Studies and Shorthand and Typewriting. I think that the ladies in...
  7. anthea

    Hugh Sumner Convalescent Home Malvern

    Hello Bryan, I didn't mention the awful food that we were offered !!! But I also used to surreptitiously manage to keep the awful fish food in my mouth and get rid of it in the nearest toilet ! I always hoped that nobody would speak to me or I would have had a problem....
  8. anthea

    Hugh Sumner Convalescent Home Malvern

    Hello Bryan, Yes, I do remember the Hugh Sumner convalescent home in Malvern. I was ten years old (in 1947) when I went there having been sent, like yourself, by a Birmingham hospital; probably the Children's Hospital. I expected to stay there for two weeks, but unfortunately, chicken pox...
  9. anthea

    Marriage certificate query.

    Davenport, There is a possibility that the lack of the fathers' names were due to illegitimacy or that persons had been brought up by grandparents or as a part of another family (which happened to my own husband). The father could have disappeared years before or deserted the family as in my...
  10. anthea

    Where did you live

    I was born in Blandford Road which is now Quinton B32 but the houses were built in 1936 which at that time was in the Harborne parish until the boundaries were changed years later. I was Baptised and married in St Peter's Church, Harborne. I attended Woodhouse Road Junior and Infant School and...
  11. anthea


    Best wishes Lyn for a very happy Birthday from Anthea
  12. anthea


    May you rest in peace, Phil. My condolences to all his family.
  13. anthea

    Birmingham museum and art gallery.

  14. anthea

    Saint Mary's church Warwick

    Eric, I enjoy looking at all your artwork, thank you for sharing. Anthea.
  15. anthea

    The Home Guard

    Hello Geoff, My Dad was in the Home Guard at the Corporation Salvage Department in Rotten Park Road if memory serves me right. He used to teach First Aid and I still have his First Aid Manual !! I used to polish the buttons on his greatcoat for him, but I was just a kid then....My Dad would...
  16. anthea

    The Valley pub, Billesley

    Streamboy, you brought back some good memories for me.....I went to the same air show on Billesley Common with my family and gazed in wonder as the Harrier Jump Jet - went up and down - as you described it and the Vulcan bomber so loud as to nearly deafen everyone. When we arrived home, the...
  17. anthea

    HAPPY 90TH COOKIE273UK (eric)

    Eric, Very Best Wishes to you on your Birthday from Anthea.
  18. anthea

    Garbett Street, Ladywood

    Hi Lyn, Just checked up, and my Gran passed away in 1961, so not the lady in the photo. Anthea.
  19. anthea

    Garbett Street, Ladywood

    My Grandmother lived at 49 Garbett Street for many years and I have fond memories of visiting her after shopping with my mother on The Flat where we went to the butcher's shop to collect our meat 'ration' of. Gran eventually moved from the front house to live with her daughter in one of the...