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    Tower street

    I was born up the yard back of number 26 tower st
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    Fisher & Ludlows factory

    Was Ernie a electricIan in C block
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    Beggars Bush

    Beggars bush sutton
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    Summer Lane Pubs

    When I was 18 in 1956 my mates four of us had a half pint in all 15 pubs in the lane ..... drinking hours then was from 6pm till 10.30 pm so you had to rush to get the 15 done
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    Summer Lane Pubs

    Only one pub
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    Notable Brummies

    He did well before he played for worcester
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    Pubs on Queslet Road The Old Horns,The Trees and the Deers Leap

    How old are I was born in tower street 2 back 26 in 1938
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    Canning & Co & Electroplating

    My mother and two aunts workedthrought the war and upto1950s