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    Vincent Vaughton

    Good afternoon all. I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I'm looking for entries from Kelly's Directories or similar that relate to a V. Vaughton, or Vincent Vaughton, who was a manufacturing jeweller in/around Hockley/JQ. Particularly looking for information between 1920 and 1932. Many thanks.
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    A shop called "Lopins"?

    I've come across reference to a shop by the name of (I think) Lopins, from the early 1900s. Does anyone have any knowledge of where it may have been located and what it sold? Thank you!
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    Peter Campbell

    Anyone remember a Plating Company (Chrome etc) run by a Peter Campbell? He would have retired or sold up perhaps 1980's/90's?
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    The Jewellery - BBC Radio "Birmingham Ballads" - Pebble Mill

    Happy New Year all! "The Jewellery" was a BBC Radio Ballad broadcast in 1961 and made by Brian Vaughton. Does anyone know where/if it's possible to hear a copy - is it online anywhere?
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    Heathfield House, Handsworth

    Hello all and a happy new year in three days time. I'm keen to learn what became of Heathfield House (not to be confused with James Watts' Heathfield Hall (aka House). Heathfield House existed on the corner of Holyhead Road and Booth Street, Handsworth certainly in 1895 to 1915. It was quite a...
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    Handsworth - The Moors | Moorfields, Church Lane, Handsworth.

    Good evening - this is my first post. Doing some family history research and I wonder if anyone would be able to tell me if a big house in Handsworth called "The Moors" in c. 1875 is the same house known as "Moorfields, 19 Church Lane, Handsworth" in 1900? Thank you.