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    Marriage lookup - William Bayley and Esther Giles, Darleston.

    Hello I don't know if any one can help? - I can't find anything on IGI. I'm looking for a marriage between William Bayley b 1813-4, West Brom and Esther Giles b 1813-4, Darleston. Their oldest son (according to 1841 census) was born in 1838, so that should put their marriage anywhere between...
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    Nock family, Stourbridge, 1841 - 61

    I desperately need some suggestions!!!! I'm researching Mary Hannah Nock who is definately born in 4th Q 1837 and definatley married in 1862 to Thomas Cooper. She also uses the H of Hannah in her name in census's after her marriage, apart from one where there is an "A". But can I find her family...
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    Not sure if there is a better place in the forum to ask this one - I am after the will of an anscestor that died in 1872 and lived in Heath Rd, Harbourne. I had found transcripts of wills on Genuki for a branch of my tree in Herefordshire and they gave invaluable info, which I'm hoping to find...
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    Tangyes of Smethwick

    My grandfather was under the impression that his grandfather, James Mountford, worked for Tangyes as a engineer. The 1871 census shows that he was an engineer machinist employing 2 men and a boy. Does any one know if there is any way I could check past employees of tangyes?
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    St Martins look up for Louisa Jones 1840

    Hello I would be extreeeeeemly grateful if someone could look up the following for me:- Louisa Jones born 1840 - IGI shows a Louisa Jones born 21 Jan 1840 christened 2 March 1840 at St Martins. Her father is William Jones, a tool maker. 1841 census has Louisa, daughter of William Jones, a tool...