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  1. Lady Penelope

    My Nan's sayings

    Whilst on holiday my friend and I were discussing our grandparents' sayings and she reminded me of one of her granddad's 'Well, dog bite Old Roper' - there is a book called Old Roper by John Rose but I couldn't find a connection. Mom would often say 'none of your half-larks (arf larks) here' if...
  2. Lady Penelope

    Olympics 2021 - Bombette Martin

    I thought it would be nice to mention Bombette Martin and her connection to Birmingham. This young girl was born in Manhattan but her father 'Bomber' Martin (hence her name) used to train at the Rose & Crown in Gravelly Lane, Erdington. There was a boxing gym next door to the pub, run by her...
  3. Lady Penelope

    Photo of my Mom in Brum somewhere. Anyone know where?

    I too miss Lewis's very much. I can still smell the aroma of the food hall and hear the rattle of the escalators. I think it was the new road layout that caused the final death of this department store. It was cut off from the main part of the shopping centre. Birmingham always seems to do this...
  4. Lady Penelope


    Hi Lyn, I looked for the photos yesterday and couldn't find them but this morning I went straight to them! Here they are: Just looked to see when they were taken and couldn't believe it was 2014. Where has that time gone? Penny
  5. Lady Penelope


    It seems that everyone who grew up round there called it the EE-light as Annie mentions not Elleet as we from the north (Erdington) would call it. I love the way we locals have different names - like Cath-err-yne Street for Catherine Street in Aston. Lyn, we did take a couple of photos of the...
  6. Lady Penelope

    Greys Department Store

    Thanks Viv, Mom would have started work there when she was 14 probably which would have been in 1926. He sister Dorothy, known as Dolly, would have been there some time before as she was older than Mom by 8 years. Dolly couldn't have been the first as she was known as 'Miss Clifford' and their...
  7. Lady Penelope

    Greys Department Store

    I love these drawings! Mom worked at Grey's, going straight from school and she would often talk about the staff being like another family. When do you think the store in picture 3 post #109 was built? I can remember Mom telling me that upstairs at Grey's was like a rabbit warren so it was...
  8. Lady Penelope

    Birds Custard Factory.

    I loved working at the Custard Factory although it was after the custard powder itself had ceased to be made there. I worked at an advertising agency for some which was based in the old offices. What I really enjoyed though were the flea markets which were held there about 4 times a year, after...
  9. Lady Penelope


    Glad you reminded us Lyn - I thought I'd done one at Christmas with my charity donations but can't find a record of it so will do one anyway.
  10. Lady Penelope

    Library Of Birmingham Web Site

    I seem to remember that being told that only a small proportion of items in the library had been catalogued and staff were hoping that when the move was made to the new site they would would be able to go through all those items in store. I don't think anyone actually knew exactly what they'd...
  11. Lady Penelope

    Hart family, market traders

    Sorry Alberta, I missed this post in December. Elijah is one of mine. He was my husbands great grandfather. They originally lived in Mud Town, Lye Waste.
  12. Lady Penelope

    Erdington Grammar School

    Alberta, I was spotted eating an ice lolly and given a kindly warning not to do it again. Can't remember who it was that spoke to me but I was allowed to finish my lolly! There used to be a sweet shop at the dip in Wood End Road on our way to 6 ways and I'd bought it there.
  13. Lady Penelope

    Saint Michaels No. 2

    Morning Eric, I'm trying all ways to get this photo to you - see my PM earlier today. However, this may be the best way. My original email read: I'm enclosing a photo of the Eagle which I spoke to you about. There's no rush as I don't need it yet. Sorry it took so long - the photo we have on...
  14. Lady Penelope

    It’s Bob Davis’s Birthday!

    Many Happy Returns Bob. Lovely day here in your old home town. Penny
  15. Lady Penelope

    Lost Birmingham Pubs

    Thanks Richard, so the original address was wrong. It's the other side of Sutton to Birmingham. Thought I didn't know it and it's certainly not Wylde Green from your description.
  16. Lady Penelope

    Beggars Bush

    This is a PS to the last post - if you enlarge the 'Beggars Bush' area you can definitely see what appears to be a bush a 'bush' in the middle of the road, complete with shadow. Or am I seeing things? Also, to clarify, the dark line is actually the boundary between Erdington and Sutton not a...
  17. Lady Penelope

    Lost Birmingham Pubs

    Thanks A Sparks but I don't think that's the one that Zoe T mentions as she says it's between Birmingham and Sutton on the main road at Wylde Green. Going from the Yenton pub, I can only think of the (now gone) Wylde Green on the left hand side before you get to the Horse & Jockey. Puzzling!
  18. Lady Penelope

    Lost Birmingham Pubs

    Richard, can you tell me where this pub was please? I can't remember it but it may have gone some time ago. Thank you.
  19. Lady Penelope

    My Nan's sayings

    Yes johnny082, I remember Mom saying foo-foo pill. I think it's cocaine! She grew up in the 20's when all the bright-young-things were dancing till dawn and this kept them going.
  20. Lady Penelope

    My Nan's sayings

    I found myself using one of Mom's sayings the other day - if anything was especially nice she would say: 'Oooh! Lovely tell your mother'