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  1. Lady Penelope

    Olympics 2021 - Bombette Martin

    I thought it would be nice to mention Bombette Martin and her connection to Birmingham. This young girl was born in Manhattan but her father 'Bomber' Martin (hence her name) used to train at the Rose & Crown in Gravelly Lane, Erdington. There was a boxing gym next door to the pub, run by her...
  2. Lady Penelope

    Lyndhurst School Holly Lane Erdington

    Details of this property came from my neighbour - it's opposite our doctors and we've both been watching the development with interest. The reason for posting is that I always thought it was the manse to the church on the corner but apparently not. I've only been able to do a print screen shot...
  3. Lady Penelope

    Unusual Name on Marriage Certificate

    I wonder if anyone can help me with the groom's father's forename please? It looks like Cowdell/Cordell but I haven't been able to find anyone with this name. Thanks.
  4. Lady Penelope

    The Wylde Green Public House

    I thought there was a thread for this pub but couldn't find it. I get details of planning applications for this area from the Council and had one today for the Wylde Green. l: Demolition of existing Wylde Green Public House and associated facilities and the erection of 57 no. extra-care...
  5. Lady Penelope

    Arthur Lockwood. urban and industrial watercolours of Birmingham and the Black Country.

    Not a reference book in the true sense of the word but this is a brilliant book. Graham was lucky enough to be bought a copy for his birthday last year. I think it's easier if I post a couple of excerpts of the foreword: The fortunes of a city are written most clearly in its architecture – the...
  6. Lady Penelope


    We were given this quiz over Christmas and enjoyed doing it. There are about 50 song titles in this picture and although we have some with various answers I think that's allowable. Please don't post any answers for a couple of days to give everyone a chance to have a go.
  7. Lady Penelope

    Help with a photo please.

    This photo shows a carriage with a man holding a little girl. My friend thinks that the baby is wearing a fluffy bonnet but I'm not so sure. I don't know who most of the people in the photo are but I'm wondering if there is another little girl or person behind the baby? Is there any way to...
  8. Lady Penelope

    Exchange Restaurant Stephenson Place

    This photo is connected to the Rose Vernon thread as the man third from the left is thought to be her husband. However, I'm not sure if it is in Birmingham so this seemed a better thread for posting. It's an M & B pub. Any help or information on this picture would be very welcome please. Thanks,
  9. Lady Penelope

    Music Hall Artiste - Rose Vernon

    I spent a long time deciding which thread to post this on and I'm still not sure if I'm where I ought to be. Please feel free to move to a more suitable place. The lady in the photographs is my friend's grandmother. She was 'on the halls' in Birmingham at the turn of the 19th/20th Century. She...
  10. Lady Penelope

    Electoral Roll - Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield - Mees Buildings

    I've been asked to research a building on Boldmere Road (Big Boldmere) which I believe was next to what is now The Vesey pub. The current building, if I've got it right, looks to have been built in the 1960's when there was quite a bit of redevelopment of this shopping centre. The building was...
  11. Lady Penelope

    Rose Cottage - Help Please.

    Linzee posted this postcard of Rose Cottage some time ago and I wondered if anyone could make the background a little clearer please? We are particularly interested in the gabled buildings behind the poplars as this may be Foden's Buildings which have come up in some other research but anything...
  12. Lady Penelope

    Arctic Convoys

    My father, John Bennett, was in the Royal Navy during WW2. I have just read Andrew Williams' book 'The Battle of the Atlantic' and would like some help please. Dad died suddenly when I was 16 so I didn't get to talk to him about the war. However, I do have his record of service and 17 'snaps'...
  13. Lady Penelope

    Birmingham Photos - Help & Expertise Needed Please.

    I recently visited an old friend to help her sort out her photos, there seemed to be hundreds of them and among the holiday and family snapshots there were nine A4 prints of photographs which I know I have seen on the forum. I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me with details of...
  14. Lady Penelope

    Birmingham Songs

    Listening to Folk on 2 on the bbc iplayer last night we were surprised to hear an updated version of James Dobbs' song 'I can't Find Brummagem'. This was written as a music hall song back in 1828 and has been updated by folk singer Jon Wilks who includes a verse of his own which mentions the...
  15. Lady Penelope

    Webster & Horsfall Exhibition

    There is an exhibition celebrating Webster & Horsfall's 300 year anniversary this year. It started a few days ago at Birmingham Art Gallery and will run for some months. Although only a small exhibition it's full of history and worth seeing if you're up town. There are recent paintings by...
  16. Lady Penelope

    'Little' Boldmere

    I found this photograph at Sutton Library yesterday and it's one I haven't seen before. It's not a very good photo but it was taken from a copy of a postcard in a book. This is the Erdington end of Boldmere Road and the road on the left is Sheffield Road. I would love some help with naming the...
  17. Lady Penelope

    Transcribing Censuses

    I'm actually tracing Rudolphus Boswell on the attached Staffordshire census from 1861 - he appears on the 1851 census for Boldmere, then the Coldfield, but I have been sidetracked by the unusual gypsy names especially of the Lovells. Can anyone read the fourth name down (beneath Alfred) and the...
  18. Lady Penelope

    Graham Laught - Speedwing

    Graham heard a couple of days ago that 'Speedwing' - Graham Laught - died recently after battling severe illness for some time. I don't know how many people will remember him but he was a very clever, kind and helpful man. His screen name apparently came from the aeroplane he built himself in...
  19. Lady Penelope

    Elizabeth Baker

    I'm struggling to find any information on Elizabeth Baker who has a window dedicated to her in St Michael's, Boldmere. The dedication on the window reads 'To the Glory of God and in loving memory of Elizabeth Baker, a devoted wife and mother interred in this churchyard 30th March 1892. There is...
  20. Lady Penelope

    CLIFFORD BROTHERS (bigamy or not?)

    I have a puzzle and I'm hoping that someone can stop me going round in circles please. Charles Arthur Clifford, known as Arthur was born in 1903 followed by his brother Archie in 1905. They both appear on the 1911 census in Aston. On Boxing Day 1924 Arthur appears to marry Alice Clark at Aston...