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    Message for Ray Griffiths and a few others. Bob Ash joined Birmingham City Police and I worked with him for a number of years in Handsworth. He is now retired but has become a Vicar.
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    Where did you live

    Hi Reynolds, I am a Scots Guardsman (1953/1957) just a little younger that you. Born Pype Hayes, after 6 months to Brantley Road, Caterham, Pirbright, Caterham, London St James area, Lydd,Kent., Hockley, Perry Barr, Erdington, Sutton Coldfield. Still a member of SG Association. George
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    thomas frederick harris

    Hi Kc, I have tried a search but cannot find anything close. Do you have any more details, place, date of birth or anything close to his DOB. Anything you can think of. Regards George.
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    Appeal for info re the Towers Pub, Great Barr in the 70's

    Hi Sam, I can confirm that it is Bob Sturdy. Bob was in the 'C' Division (Police) team that I played in for many years. I have looked at the rest but cannot name any more. I Used the pup from time to time and knew your dad. Regards George.
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    Tame Road Witton

    Hi Rob, No - I remember the Tustin family. George is Not my first name. G.Thu......d from 68. George
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    Tame Road Witton

    Hi Robb128. Yes you are correct. Left Deykin Av.School about 1951. Regards, George.
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    Tame Road Witton

    Hi Chipito, I went to school with Angus in the late forties and early fifties. Didn't your granddad sell the newspapers ?., Regards George
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    Tame Road Witton

    I remember Brian Baker. He was good on the ivories (Piano) I remember. I have not seen him since I left Deykin Avenue school in 1951. Whatever happened to him ?., Regards George (Not my birth name)
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    Tame Road Witton

    Hi Shere, was the lad at the front of pictures 1 and 3 Harry. If so was he in the Boys Brigade. Sorry I cannot recall his surname. I lived at 68 Brantley Road. Regards George
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    Coffee Bars:

    Hi Astonian, late 70's the landlord was Tommy Breen an Albion fanatic, he later moved to a pub in Hamstead after ill health. I had some long hours in there. Regards George
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    Coffee Bars:

    Re my previous reply No 37. My brain has at last switched into gear. The place as stated was run by Van Hagen and was called the La Fiesta. After reopening it had another name. I cannot help any more. Regards George.
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    Adams ironmongers, Sutton Coldfield, close to Coles Lane by the Odeon.
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    Police Service Records

    Fatboy., send me a private email I may be able to help you. Regards George
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    Perry Barr Estate

    I lived in Wrekin Road, backing onto the Jewish cemetery. This area was an Erdington address. Also living next door to me was a family named Byrne. The lady of the house was the daughter of a builder who built our houses. I do not know if he built the whole area. (I doubt it). Her house was a...
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    Street furniture

    I remember being at this Police 'phone in New John Street talking to a bobby from the 'A' Division, where the Police pillar stood. The opposite side of the road was 'C' Division, which I was posted to. About 1am, a car pulled up, My Chief Supt., pulled up and gave me a right 'Rollocking' for...
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    Street furniture

    It's the ambulance that they kept on site, for customers, after having been told the price of their cars.
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    The cane at school

    We used to queue up, about six of us. If one had to have the cane, we six went for it. The teacher was a gorgeous. It was worth it. George
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    Atkinson Ale

    Known as Atkinsons Aston Ales. Their logo was A A A I Believe the brewery was on Lichfield Road, Aston, but I am not certain but it was in that area. Regards George
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    Coffee Bars:

    The coffee bar in Summer Row was run by a Dutch man by the name of Van Hagen, It was engulfed by fire on one occasion but was later reopened. For the life of me I cannot remember it's name, but I do not think it was the Fiesta. The fire was during the night after closing time, which would have...
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    St Thomas's Club Washington Street/ridley Street

    Hi again Cregoe Kid. I didn't have a camera in those days, I couldn't afford one. No pictures at all. I did do quite a lot of hours on the renovation but I do not think that made any difference. I (We) did chase up on any lads dropping out. But to this day I cannot remember who would have gone...