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  1. Charlotte1988

    Banana Sandwiches

    I might have to try the fat-free banana ice cream - thanks for the recipe :)
  2. Charlotte1988

    Groups We Have Seen Live

    I saw The Cranberries a couple of weeks ago - they were good :fat:
  3. Charlotte1988

    Copyright Of Cookie273uk Paintings

    That's really nice of you :fat:
  4. Charlotte1988

    cooper hawk

    Lovely pics!
  5. Charlotte1988

    Occupations That Have Faded Away

    Mows her lawn in her uniform?! :fatigue:
  6. Charlotte1988

    UK Urban Explorers

    I would love to do it - it looks so exciting!
  7. Charlotte1988

    a cat named bob.

    I've been looking for a new book for a while, Just read some reviews on this one so think I might give it a go :)
  8. Charlotte1988

    Silly ginger

    Ginger kind of looks like he's drunk and has stumbled back into the fence and is now confused as to how he got there :pride:
  9. Charlotte1988

    Things kids say.

    Haha, that's quite clever of her :pride:
  10. Charlotte1988

    The Man Who Broke into AUSCHWITZ. by Denis Avey.

    I actually started reading this book then didn't have time to continue, but this has reminded me of it again so I'll pick it up tonight :fat:
  11. Charlotte1988

    Products That Have Faded Away

    Noo, the Dandy has to survive! Does anyone remember Secret chocolate bars? I think Nestlé made them - I miss them :blue:
  12. Charlotte1988

    Old street pics..

    I love looking at old pics! They're really interesting - you can't believe that places used to look like that!
  13. Charlotte1988

    Goodbye Max.

    Sorry to hear about your loss - R.I.P. Max