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    George Dixons Grammar School

    Yes that's right. There was a cookery room on ground floor and then a passageway into the boys school. I remember watching a group of lads play music on the stage by Slade, got to be Christmas 1972, One of the lads already played drums but one lad had a pretend guitar and it broke. All the new...
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    George Dixons Grammar School

    If anyone out there went to GD girls such as Anne Adams, Delema Alexander, Maria Walsh etc I think I was in M house as I remember being in 5M when in year 11. My best friend was Linda Deere and Claire Griffiths. Linda later married a friend of mine. Linda is godmother to my daughter. I left in...
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    George Dixons Grammar School

    I started at GD girls in 1968 and the Head teacher was called Miss Taylor. Mrs Jukes was deputy as I recall. Had some good friends there and still in contact with them now. One was godmother to my daughter who is 46 now. I left in 1973. Couldn't wait to leave to be honest. It would be nice to...
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    Tastes Of The Past

    Reading these comments made me pleased that I managed to show my children, now all grown up, how to cook food on a budget. With the recent COVID lockdown I had the time to bake more and to invent new cakes. Not all tasted fab but with custard on them they would do!! Its just me and my youngest...
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    Holyhead Road

    I was born in Church terrace 1956 and lived there until 1973 at number 1 Church Terrace then we moved to Junction road when the regeneration took over in 1973. There is Holyhead school standing there now where my house used to be. There was 15 houses in the terrace. You walked out of your front...