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    Can anyone identify this please?

    I recently came across this token whilst sorting through some odds and ends, I cannot find any information on the net, other than it might have Masonic connections, can any of the wonderful brains on the forum throw any light on the matter? It is bronze and about 3 and a half centimetres in width.

    The pitfalls of Genealogy

    Over the years that I have been researching my family tree, I have painstakingly researched, where possible, all links, these have included, parish records, census data, electoral rolls, in fact any way of backing up any relevant material, however, of late, there seems to be a large number of...

    Pocket Money

    I can't find a previous post on this subject, however, if there is one, I apologise. How much pocket money did you get and what did you spend it on? Also what is the average given today. In the 40s, I got a tanner a week, it rose to a bob when I got older.

    William Henry Street.

    Was there a school in William Henry street? I was just going through some old bits and bobs and came across this Coronation medallion and wondered if they were issued to everyone or just individually, if anyone went to the school and would like it they are welcome on a first come first served...

    Victorian service records

    Can anyone advise me where to look for service records between 1851-1871? I have had no luck on FMP and Ancestry, also I have no regiment or number, only his date of birth and the fact that he was a gunner between those years. Also did you have to be posh to get married in St Phillips, or could...

    1950s shopping list

    Just going through some papers when I came across this list, written in the back of a book printed in 1957, the prices are fascinating and I think the person who wrote it must have had a sweet tooth as well as a high fat intake.

    Aston Technical College

    I have just come across this prospectus for 1957-58, I have posted the pictures from inside.

    Un-wanted Certificates

    As I over time, have obtained a certificate e.g: right name wrong ancestor, I was wondering if instead of discarding same, that anyone connected would like to have it, I know it's a long shot and think this topic has been raised before; The certificate if for the birth of Elizabeth Green, born...

    Aston park 1915

    I dont know if this has been on before, it looks familiar, its such a delightful scene.

    Aston manors

    post deleted

    Lichfield road

    now and then

    Birmingham 1940

    Birmingham is the third most heavily bombed UK city during the war, behind London and Liverpool. During the Blitz 2,241 people are killed, and 3,010 seriously injured. A total of 12,391 houses, 302 factories and 239 other buildings are destroyed, with many more damaged. Overall, around 2,000...

    Birmingham Industrial School.

    Have any members got any information about 'Birmingham Industrial School'? It was based at Fillongley, Shustoke, Coleshill. It was listed on Google along with detention centres and reform schools, and apparently children who were in need of care or had committed minor mis-demeanours were sent...

    Mary Ann street

    Has anyone a photograph of Mary Ann street, off St. Pauls square, my first job as a printing apprentice was in a factory in this street.

    Childhood rituals and fantasies.

    I've looked through the threads(no mean task) and can't find anything on the above,( apologies if there is one already).The question is : Did any of you have particular rituals or fantasies when you were a child, e.g. no treading on cracked paving stones? Did you or any of your siblings or...

    Products No Longer Available? Or Are They?

    I was in the supermarket and suddenly thought, 1lb bags of sugar, can you still buy them, or are they no longer available? I then thought of other things that have disappeared that were good sellers that you dont see anymore, e.g: Omo washing powder, camphorated oil that your mom rubbed on your...

    Hill street 1914

    Apologies if this has been shown before, it's difficult to keep track. What a wonderful photo of this era!

    Gopsall Family in Birmingham

    If any members have any information regarding Gopsalls who may still be living in the West Midlands, I would be most grateful.


    Just to say to everyone who has hit a brick wall, not to give up. After about 4 years of fruitless searching, I hit the jackpot and found my ancestor under a completely different surname. On searching, I have now found four different variations of the same name, Also, it appears that lots of...

    Birmingham Groups

    Does anyone remember the Uglys? They used to play at the Carlton in Erdington, still have a copy of their record 'Ugly blues'