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    the ratpan trinity rd aston

    The White Swan, 85-86 Legge Street. Sadly gone by the early 1960s
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    Villa Cross

    Villa Cross Inn and neighbouring cab proprietor: information from Kelly's Directories for Birmingham: 1874, 1876, 1878, 1879, 1880, 1882 & 1884. 1874 & 1876 Charles Sylvester Young, Commercial Traveller (Aston Villa); next to Villa Cross Inn (no house number) on north side of Lozells road...
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    Villa Cross

    The licensee's of the Villa Cross Inn/Tavern in various Kelly's Directories: 1872 & 1874: Thomas Hale 1876, 1878, 1879, 1880 & 1884: Fox & Co. 1888: Archibald Hunter 1892 & 1896: John Ogden 1903: Holt Brewery The 'Entire' photo on post 24 shows both the pub and Graham's across the road at 260...
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    Villa Cross

    The licensee's in a various Kelly's Directories: 1872 & 1874: Thomas Hale 1876, 1878, 1879, 1880 & 1884: Fox & Co. 1888: Archibald Hunter 1892 & 1896: John Ogden 1903: Holt Brewery
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    A Tarlington - artist

    Here's the Birmingham Library online catalogue entry that covers the A Tarlington pictures held by them.: "75512 [A Collection of water colour drawings, sepia sketches, etc., by A. and W. Tarlington and Warren Blackham, of old buildings and streets in Birmingham, circa 1870-80. (Timmins...
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    A Tarlington - artist

    I have done a search on TheGeneaologist site of 'Tarlington' & 'Artist' and found just two people who matched the search criteria across the UK. They were the brothers Win Albert and John Tarlington of Birmingham. Win Albert was born in 1854. At the time of the 1881 census he lived in 52...
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    Birchfield House Perry Barr

    The two Birchfield Houses in these photos appear to be very different: one has two wings perpendicular to each other and the other has just one wing. Perhaps the two photos were taken at different times, with a significant rebuild in the interim??
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    Here's a photo of John Inshaw by HJ Whitlock (photo in the public domain) :
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    Here's an obituary for John Inshaw, dated 1893, from Graces Guide: https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/John_Inshaw_(of_Birmingham)
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    Birchfield Road Perry Barr

    Does anyone know the year when the small estate that includes Bragg Road and the western end of The Broadway was built? On old (1913) OS maps there seems to be a house called 'Birchfields' off Birchfield Road that appears would have been demolished to make way for Bragg Road / The Broadway. Does...
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    NewStreet Birmingham

    André's Lounge: the card refers to the nearby 'Picture House.' That cinema was only open for 16 years from October 1910 to June 1926 (info from cinematreasures.org). So the card must have been printed in that time period.
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    Birmingham buses

    Difficult to say. Trolley buses were taken out of service in 1951, so no later than that. It could be as early as the early 1930s. Also, the more distant bus may have a wartime grey camouflage roof, but the picture is faded so I am not certain of that. If it is in wartime livery, then we are...
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    NewStreet Birmingham

    André's Lounge, 110 New Street. Opened sometime between 1910/5 and closed sometime between 1933/6. Listed in Kelly's Directory as 'Mark André confectioner.'
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    This is what I think it says: "Presented to Mr Alfred Rodway. Superintendent of Public Parks Birmingham. On his 44th birthday by the employees at Aston Hall & Park Nov. 18th 1880"
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    Paradise Street

    The Birmingham Museum Trust has a drawing of what is described as 'Free Trade Hall, Paradise Street, Birmingham' and dated 1886. The drawing is by Robert F Matthews (It is posted by 'mikejee' in message #6 on this thread below). This is the only evidence I have seen of a Free Trade Hall on...
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    High Street Birmingham

    JH Dean's appeared on the corner of High Street and New Street c. late 1880s. and remained there up to WW2. This corner was largely destroyed in a bombing raid on 10 April 1941. JH Deans had relocated to No.1 Snow Hill by 1944. They moved again, in the early 1960s to 78 Smallbrook Queensway and...
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    High Street Birmingham

    At the time this map was drawn (1888) the street named 'Bull Ring' ran between Park Street and Moor Street. High Street started at the Bull Ring / Moor Street junction. Digbeth started at the Bull Ring / Park Street junction. However, the name 'Bull Ring' was also used for the open market area...
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    James Burgoyne photographic collection

    Any one have any biographical information on James Burgoyne: e.g date of birth & death, where he was born, his family etc.?
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    Ye Olde Royal Temple Row

    The Royal Hotel Temple Row, as it looked c.1800 For ninety years from 1772 this Hotel was the upmarket place to stay in Birmingham, firstly known simply as 'The Hotel' and from c.1805, 'The Royal Hotel.' Sited opposite St. Philips churchyard, It was the first establishment in Birmingham to...
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    Christ Church Perry Barr

    This seems to suggest that Christ Church was still in use as a mission church up to 1939, where other sources, e.g.Victoria History of County of Warwick, Volume VII, suggest its license for public workshop expired in 1926.