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    Selly Oak Hospital 1970s

    I worked on B2 opposite the childrens ward in the early 80's as well as on the younger childrens ward. Never saw any ghosts, but that corridor was eerie at night! Also lived in the Woodlands, with Tom the night Porter on the door. It's a housing estate now, but the Country Girl is still going...
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    The Ice Cream Man

    Ahh but I like whippy ice cream better - like the honey one too.
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    Jewellers arms meet up 2016 on the day

    Rethymno Maurice, we fly out on 30th April, for 10 days, first time I've been abroad for 8 years, looking forward to it!
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    Jewellers arms meet up 2016 on the day

    We are heading g your way soon Maurice, get the sun ready! The meet was lively as always, thanks to Lyns organisation and the generous raffle donations, albeit it'seems a wonder we didn't get arrested for loitering with intent when the pub didn't open on time.
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    Jewellers arms meet up 2016 on the day

    Can't believe I didn't take any photos, but thanks for a lovely time, did mom good too!
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    Typhoo Tea Bordesley Street Digbeth

    Re: Birmingham typhoon tea makers of bordesly street digbeth My great grandparents lived opposite it Alan, will ask mom more about it, don't think they worked there though. Sue
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    Lynne webbs birthday meal at the bull

    Glad my practical skills weren't needed after all - the bets were on for Lynne killing Kelly and/or Vicky or having heart failure herself lol. lovely to see everyone again, mom really enjoyed her time out. Happy birthday Lynne! Sue
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    Problems using forum

    Lyn, mine is doing the same, logged in fine on my tablet and Chrome, but IE on laptop and OHs PC jut spins and says URL not found- interstingly though is fine on IE on sons PC? Even he can't suss it out and has just swanned off to work at Dragon Manor with the comment "it's you and technology...
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    Woodman Public House Easy Row

    Dad can remember drinking in there, he says you don't appreciate things till they are gone.Sue
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    7 de Guise Seymours Variety Act

    Have just ventured back on the forum, looking for some info for my partners mom. Her married name is Guise and she knew that her grandfather in law and family had performed in music halls, possibly as de Guises, so am chuffed to have found so much info so quickly. Sadly her husband passed away 9...
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    Ones mans story

    It's a terrible injustice to all those brave men who died this way. My grandad was gassed in the war and he used to say the sights and emotions were too strong to be forgotten and too awful to be remembered. My Great uncle emigrated to Australia after the war for a new start, he won gallantry...
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    To be demolished

    Lyn do they have to save the frontages or any part of it within the housing? The old hospital/ workhouse in Tamworth has been converted to housing, but the frontage had to be preserved and they made a good job of it. Sue
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    Chamberlain And Hooklam Constitution Hill

    Does anyone know the name of the factory that was in the Taylor and Challen building on Constitution Hill in 1984 1987?My partner worked there and can't remember the company name- I have a bet that someone on here will know it,so has any one any idea please! Sue
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    Forum meet Rose Villa Tavern Easter 2014

    mom and I really enjoyed the meet,first one we have made for a while,so nice to see everyone again. We managed to avoid a parking ticket, but ended up parking by the Jewellers in Augustus Street, as a lot of the other meters were only 2 hour ones. Looking forward to the next one!!
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    Condolences to our friend mikejee

    Pleased to hear all went well Mike, love the pics of your mom on the order of service, she was a lovely lady. Sue
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    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    Re the bracers, my son is in the West Midlands Young Firefighters and his over trousers have braces on them, to stop them worrying about losing them whilst fighting a fire. Sue
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    Condolences to our friend mikejee

    So sorry to hear about the sad loss of your mom Mike, such a lovely lady, it was a pleasure to have met her. Our thoughts are with you, Sue, mom and dad
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    Library Of Birmingham 2013

    Visited the Library last week with my other half,his first view of it ever and his comment "looks like a big present all wrapped up". And Vile colours at night, whatever next????? Sue
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    christmas 2013

    Sorry Colin, we are not going to make it, my brother has arranged to come up to see mom on her birthday. Sue
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    christmas 2013

    Will try to make it, it's moms birthday so not sure if my brother has arranged anything, but if not hope to be there Sue