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    Erdington postmen heroes remembered

    You know that there were many equally deserving soldiers in the wars who only have a name on a cross in France or wherever and a listing on a monument somewhere...the same as the soldiers on this plaque. Some un-identified even. They would not have had a separate memorial slate to be found and...
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    City Centre Photographs

    I have walked across Corporation St. there many hundreds of times in the fifties. I can't quite read the shop name on the left but it looks like it says Dolcis which is the way it was in my time. Great photo and have not seen it before. I wonder what date it is...early 20s?
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    Who won the war?

    Debate of any kind about anything is always considered to be 'argument' here and seemingly frowned upon. Anyway I am sure that there has been enough written and broadcast evidence of all kinds to have educated the populace on this subject by now. I think the 'we won the war' sector has long been...
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    Bedstead Works in small heath

    OK, 1890 OS map. A couple of bedstead manufacturers around Camp Hill. One between Upper Trinity and Bowyer and The Gladstone works (back then) west of New Bond street. Both close to Millward Street. Incidentally, there are a few houses in Millward that possibly date back to the period in...
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    Bedstead Works in small heath

    They worked in a factory that made bedsteads for a weekly pay...in the location that you have found. What more is there to know?
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    Buildings at risk

    It's a pity that they did not put this competition on line. Anyway, my 4 penneth... Curzon St. Station should be part of the Millenium Museum project surely. The building, together with some tracks and sheds could be for rail exhibits including The City Of Birmingham. Tea shops on the covered...
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    Castle Bromwich Buses pre 1950

    You know, I went to Coleshill many times but only by bicycle. We would have ridden through Castle Bromwich to Bacons End and on to Coleshill, so probably the Midland Red would have gone to there too. Strange that I never took the bus but probably had no money in those days.
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    A breath of Fresh Air. ( with a little liquid fermentation ).

    Great paintings both. The first is just like the many scenes in 'Last Of The Summer Wine', to me anyway. A great favourite of ours...a refreshing change from the 'blood guts and gore' of modern mindless TV. Which one is chosen for the crazy stunts?
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    Colour Photos August 1939

    #18. Shernborne. Looking east. There is a sign still there..may not be the same one. If it is the paint has been worn away. The buildings on the left of the picture still remain. #20. I thought it was Upper Sheringham and yes remarkably almost the same scene. You can see the water running down...
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    Colour Photos August 1939

    What a great find. Hard to believe that Hitler was around. Really interesting to try and locate the shots and not easy to do.
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    Buildings at risk

    Computer drawn does not mean junk. Computers with the right packages can save lots of time and money in the analysis of requirements for preserving old buildings. You can't blame the tools for the end result.
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    Buildings at risk

    If only one could pull down un-wanted buildings and move all of the others up a bit...to fill the gaps, but you can't. I suspect that Brum would cover a much smaller area if you could. I wonder if the materials and resources are available to refurbish old buildings. Resources include financing...
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    Buildings at risk

    I don't live there any more and so my vote is void I suppose, but I think that this is being tackled the wrong way. Many of the buildings mentioned are half destroyed anyway so why shove good money after bad...or in this case...historically little or next to none. What I think should be done is...
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    Buildings at risk

    It's what happens to Empires and all of their truck. It all can't be kept up ...Rome... Greece. You don't go poking about in 'pristine' surroundings there do you. No it's all rubble for the most part. Even though it was really built way in excess of the proverbial whatsit, which most of our...
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    Buildings at risk

    These were the houses of well to do families in the past. Not a sphere that I would have moved in...maybe; in my bailiwick, some of them would not have looked out of place, in current condition. Still, what a shame and what a fall from the grace that was. I find the fate of these family abodes...
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    Birmingham Town Hall

    There is not much that you can say about the T.H. is there. 15 pages is a mystery. I am sure that a new thread along the line in question would bring out some lively comment though. Maybe there is one already.
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    Buildings at risk

    I never thought that I would be reading the words 'a rare example' when addressed to a pub in Brum. There was one on every corner in my day and those associated words highlight the fact that they are little used these days. I suppose TV and cans have taken over this function in spades. Not the...
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    Buildings at risk

    I know we long to save it all but what a monumental task all of this is. If you go through the posted web site there would appear to be enough work to employ all of the unemployed for ever maybe. Another consideration is that many of the structures are empty and un-used; so that if they are all...
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    Enfield motorcycle factory redditch

    They still make them in India.
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    Metro Cammell Saltley

    Gosh, have not seen a 'T' square in donkeys years. Must be hard to find now.