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    The History of the 2/6th the Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1914-19

    I am looking for a book. The History of the 2/6th the Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1914-19 By JJ Shannessy Published 1929 - ISBN-10: 1903972299 Published 2009 - ISBN-13: 978-1903972298 D.p. & G Military Publishers I am not looking for links, just real knowledge of a location of this book. I did...
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    Rebuild lost Great War Memorial at St.Barnabas Church Erdington

    Hi all, I want to start a new thread only to encourage those who may not know. In 2007 we lost the Great War memorial in a fire at St. Barnabas Church in Erdington. Well after two years of research and what not, it seems we have the go ahead to make a new memorial. I have a full list of names...
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    St.Barnabas Church Erdington. Great War Memorial Plaque update.

    Dear All, You may recall last year that I was looking for additional information on the fallen for the great war memorial in St. Barnabas church? This was to help my course to have the memorial plaque rebuilt and rehung. My application to reinstate the memorial was quashed by the vicar on the...